Newsletter 11/15/11

The new Co-Rec Climbing Wall
Andrew from the co-rec came to talk to us about the new climbing wall that's being built. Here's what he said.
- Nicros is the contractor
- Not all of the holds will be from Nicros
- There will be about 12 ropes on the wall
- About 75% will be 55 feet high, and will be vertical to slightly overhanging
- The bouldering wall will be made of plywood and will open whenever the Co-Rec opens, so hopefully the day before fall 2012 semester begins
- The rope wall will open around Homecoming next year
- Construction will start in February
- Climbing is free, but you have to pay for any gear rentals and clinics they offer. Gear rentals will be relatively cheap.
- They're going to start hiring for people to supervise the wall in the spring
- There will be no autobelays

Club Business
- The climbing lock-in will be Friday, Dec. 2nd. Look at Peter the beaver leader's e-mail. Also, don't spam the list or start prematurely e-mailing individual people about rides. Peter's got it covered and will send out e-mails letting everybody know what's up when it gets closer.
- Look for an e-mail about volunteering to set the POCAR course. It would be the weekend before the race. Volunteering for that is separate from volunteering during the actual race so if you want to do both you have to sign up for each separately.
- Kate ordered new kayaks! They have some really cool plans with one of the old ones.
- The kayaking lock-in will mostly likely be the first or second week in February.

Trips that Went Out
- Ryan and about 7 other people went to the climbing competition at Hoosier Heights in Bloomington. The money the competition raised went towards Muir Valley.
- A group went caving at Buckners on Sunday. They got lost and had to back track, but got ample caving time to make up for last trip being canceled.

Trips Going Out
- Pajo is going to the Red. He wants me to make this sound beginner friendly. They're back country camping which is awesome and doing some trad and sport climbing, and everybody will be able to get on at least 1 route a day. However, he's looking for a driver.
- Samm is going to Little Rock City in Tennessee to boulder. If you want to boulder talk to her.

Done. Hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!


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