Newsletter 11/8/11

Hi everybody. Here's what we talked about at the meeting.

Club Business
- the climbing lock in dates are still pending. It's at Climb Time Towers and $10.
- POCAR registration has started. If you have any questions look the club website or e-mail Brad Grylls or Charles. If you want to volunteer talk to Amy O. If you volunteer you are guaranteed to make friends due to the fact that everybody cuddles together for warmth.
- the kayaking lock in will be next semester

Trips that Went Out
- a group of people went to the Red
- the mountain bikers and hikers took a trip to Brown County. They ate s'more and there were shenannigans. The weather was awesome and they had a great time.
- Kelly went to Chicago for the first time!
- a group of kayakers did the Green Race in North Carolina. About 150 people raced this year. They hung out with all the kayakers Saturday night, then paddled the Tullulah River Sunday. They kayaked down Oceana, which is a huge rapid with "the thing." Kate hit the line perfectly and was speechless at its amazingness.

Trips Going Out
- some people are going to the climbing competition in Bloomington

The end. See you all Tuesday!


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