Newsletter 10/25/11

We talked a lot about POCAR.

What is POCAR?
- in a nutshell, you show up in teams of 4-6 people, we give you coordinates and a map, you plot the coordinates on your map, and you have 48 hours to walk around and find each point without freezing or dying. You have to check in at various times along the way. The coordinators will send out more details.

When is it?
- over Martin Luther Day weekend. I believe it's the weekend after we get back from Christmas break.

Where is it?
- most likely in Hoosier National Forrest.

Do I have to pay?
- yes, see the website for prices. POC members get a discount.

Can I do something other than race?
- YES! We are strongly encouraging people that aren't racing to volunteer. There's a lot to help with! Contact Amy O. for details.

- There's going to be a flyering party for POCAR hopefully next week. Look for Amy B's e-mail soon.
- Don't spam the list looking for teammates. Use facebook or some other means of communication.

- the climbing lock-in will be soon, either the weekend before or after Thanksgiving.
- the kayaking lock-in dates are pending.

Trips that Went Out
- an experienced beginner trip went to the Red. There were lots of people, about 4 cars. A group went to Muir and everyone learned how to lead, lead belay, and clean. They went back country camping and had awesome food. They hiked in with a huge pie that everybody ate with their spoon and went "arrr" during the process.
- Brad Grylls got awesome pics of the Northern Lights and got on the news. During his interview he was distracted by a wee little chipmunk. See his facebook for the pictures of the lights. Looks outside if you want to see a chipmunk.

Trips Going Out
- Laura wants to take a backpacking trip to Michigan in 2 weekends. Look for her e-mails.
- Jonathan is taking a cross country skiing trip to Colorado the first weekend of Christmas break. Contact him if you're interested.
- Amy O. wants to go mountain biking in Brown County Sunday. The trails close on Oct. 31st so now is your chance to go.

Done! Hope everybody has a great halloween weekend, and hope to see you all at my house Saturday!

Later gators,

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