Newsletter 10/4/11

Hi all! These are the meeting notes from 10/4. All we did was talk about POCtoberfest so if you're not going, you can stop reading now. If you are going, keep reading especially if you weren't at the meeting! There's a lot of important information!

- We're leaving Friday!!! I hope everybody's getting really excited!
- You should have already paid your $40. This covers your camping for 4 nights and pizza 1 night. We don't know what night we're having pizza yet so don't ask.
- Consultants for each sport will take care of the gear. Harnesses, climbing shoes, helmets for each sport, kayaks, skirts, etc will be there for you to check out from a consultant and return to them at the end of the day.


For all sports
- Don't swear while you're on your day trips. Keep your dirty mouths shut because there will probably be kids around and people who might not want to hear your word choices.
- Use your own gear. Don't use anyone elses gear without getting permission first!
- Return the gear you checked out to the consultant at the end of the day. Don't keep it so you can use it for the rest of the trip, it's mean.
- Listen to your trip leaders! They're trip leaders for a reason. They know their stuff.
- Leave No Trace. This means you are to leave your area in the same, if not better, condition than what you found it in. This means don't leave your trash anywhere, don't vandalize, and don't cut down trees.
- Never go out on a trip by yourself, even if it's just for a hike!

- Be respectful of other people at the crag. Don't talk too loudly, be swearing like it's your job, or step on ropes.
- Use your own harness, shoes, etc.
- You have to have climbed indoors with us in order to go on one of our climbing trips!

Mountain Biking
- There are 5 club bikes so we're going to have to share.
- Trips will go out in the morning and afternoon.
- There will be mud on the trails, so even though you don't generally want to ride on muddy trails, we can't really help it in WV.
- The trails are multi-use. That means horses, hikers, and other things are going to be using them. They have the right away so pull over and let them by, especially the horses because they scare easily.
- Always ride with a helmet!

- This may or may not be offered. Brad and Andrew are trying to get permission to go in the cave, which is tricky because of white nose bat syndrome.
- If they can't get permission then there will be a day or 2 of caving activities. This will include rapelling and ascending, and possibly mud wrestling.
- Bring old clothes you don't care about, cheap gloves, and knee pads. Caves are cold so don't wear cotton as a base layer.

- bring your own

- trail maps have been printed out!
- There's a cool coal mine to go hiking in
- LNT!

- You have to had gone to roll session in order to go on the kayaking trips
- Kayaking is iffy right now because of the unknown water levels of the rivers. Therefore, no beginnes on the first day.
- If you have your own boat, you need to find a way to get it down there yourself.
- There will be rafting but that's restricted by boat space.

Other general info
- Figure out your own tent space!
- I've attached the list of rule and packing list so read that.
- Don't pack your stuff in a suitcase, we will laugh at you.
- Pack light. We are only going for 4 days, you don't need to bring your whole wardrobe.
- We will be providing pizza 1 night, but you will want to have food for the other meals. There's a Walmart down there and I know your drivers will be happy to stop and pick up stuff Saturday. Therefore, don't pack your whole kitchen, it just takes up space.
- No, there will not be a microwave.
- Bring water bottles! If you plan to go mountain biking, bring one that will fit under your bike or you'll be thirsty, everybody will laugh, and you might get hit in the head by your nalgene that you clipped to you.
- Take a lot of pictures! Buuut don't put them up on facebook under an album labeled POCtoberfest, POC, Purdue Outing Club, etc.
- No alcohol or drugs! It'll result in you trying to find a ride home immediately.
- Don't carve your name, POC, or anything into anything. Just because you have a knife doesn't mean you have to use it to carve. You are not awesome enough to leave a permanent mark like that. That's vandalism, and we will find out and you will go home immediately.

Health and Safety
- If there's an emergency, such as somebody's intestines are spilling out of them, call 911. Then call Kelly or Kate. See the emegency contact paper Kelly so kindly sent out to everybody.
- Have the number for all the people in your car
- If you have to poop in the woods, go far away from everybody and off the trail, dig a 6 in. x 6 in. hole, and cover it up. Putting a stick sticking straight out of it is optional.
- Read the info packet that's in the gear closet. It's a long drive down there so it'll give you something to do.

Finally that's it! If something wasn't clear or if you have any questions just e-mail me. Can't wait to see everybody's bright and shiny faces Saturday morning!

Your cheery secretary,

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