Newsletter 9/27/11

Club Business
- You should have recieved Isaac's e-mail about POCtoberfest t-shirts. They're $7 and you have to sign up for one by 4pm TODAY.
- Please get MVR checked! Have your information in to Club Sports office which in the Gold Room in the basement of Shreve by Friday! Bring your insurance card.
- There's an officers meeting at 6:30 on Tuesday. Michelle is going to talk to us about P-fest so please try to be there!
- The meeting next week is MANDATORY for all those going to POCtoberfest. We have some important information that we need to go over that I'm NOT going to put in an e-mail. The meeting is on Tuesday at 7pm in FRNY B124.
- TURN IN GEAR! All of the gear needs to be turned in by Tuesday. Wednesday-Friday is when you can check out gear. POCtoberfest gets priority. See the gear consultant's e-mails.
- Thank you Pajo and Christian for volunteering to be our new gear consultants!

Trips that Went Out
- Pajo took a trip to the Red. He took a big lead fall, Trym hit his knee and couldn't walk right. They got to the crag by 8am so they thought they could go do some trad climbing. They only went up the first pitch before it got dark so they finished the second pitch and camped on a platform and slept on top of the tent. In the morning they went up the 3rd pitch and had to tandem rapell down. On the way becaue from their trip they got Mexican.
- Kate took a kayaking beginner trip. They went down the Nantahala in North Carolina. On Saturday there was perfect weather and all the beginners did really well. Alex got his roll on the Wednesday before the trip so he went on the trip. Once he got his roll down he didn't have to swim again. On Sunday they moved really quickly down the river, and ate Mexican on the way back.
- The caving beginner trip went out Saturday. All the beginners did really well and didn't freak out on the low air spaces. The trip Sunday got cancelled due to the rain so it will be rescheduled sometime after P-fest. After the Saturday trip we ate, you guessed it, Mexican.
- Some of the kayakers volunteered at the Boilerman Triathalon. They caught kayaks for the participants. They ate... pizza.
- The beginner backpacking trip also went out this weekend. It rained the whole time, Amy O. got some poor guy's name wrong the whole weekend, and somebody ran through the mud, lost his shoes, and had to go back for them. However, they had a blast and had fun making hotdogs.

Trips going Out
- Brad H. is going to the Red this weekend.
- Brad Grylls is playing open mic night at the untion at 7:30. Sorry didn't catch what day. E-mail him!
- Kelly is going to the climbing gym on Saturday
- Keith is going to California to backpack
- Ian is taking a beginner kayaking trip to North Carolina this weekend

Thaaat's it! Hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!


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