Newsletter 9/20/11

Club Business
-We are looking for 1 or 2 people to be gear consultants. It is a great way to get involved with the club and help out! If you are interested come to next week’s meeting and we’ll hold elections
-POCtoberfest is coming up! If you can’t go, make sure you e-mail Isaac or me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) as soon as possible to let us know so we can give somebody else a chance to go!
-If you have not already done so, get driver approved! There have been e-mails sent out with instructions on how to go about getting MVR checked! Please do so quickly!
-Kelly is getting a smaller group together to go get Wilderness First Aid certified. Look for her upcoming e-mails

Trips that Went Out
-Amy O. took beginners to Town Run last Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday there were a lot of falls but some great runs, and they had delicious hamburgers! On Sunday they also went to Range Line.
-Isaac and Peter took the climbing beginners trip to the Red. Isaac’s car went to a new crag in Muir Valley. On Sunday they climbed onto a ledge above an easy route and ate watermelon. The watermelon went bad overnight in the car, but somebody still ate a lot of it, but luckily nobody got sick. Because the watermelon didn’t work out they ate Mexican instead.
-We found a new Peter. His name is Ryan. It was his first time climbing outside and he was already sending 5.10c’s.
-The kayakers went to Gulley fest in West Virginia. Some kayaked and some rafted. Keith was in the raft and had a lot of strange fun. He did not give details.

Trips Going Out
-The beginner backpacking trip is going out this weekend. Bring your own stuff if you can and a car! This trip is CLOSED.
-The beginner caving trip is also this weekend. This trip is also CLOSED.
-Kate is taking a beginners kayaking tip to the Nantahala in North Carolina this weekend. She can take up to 3 beginners and priority goes to those who have their rolls. There will be another trip going out the weekend of October 1st. If you can’t go either weekend look for more trips after POCtoberfest.
-Kate got permission for us to have kayaking space in the diving well and the shallow end of the pool during roll session on Monday. Beginners are encouraged to come that day!
-Amy O. hopes to go to the Dirt Jumps in Lafayette at some point. She plans on hurting herself while she’s there (let’s hope not!), and will e-mail everybody when she decides when she’s going.
-Look for an e-mail giving information about a bunch of adventure races!

That’s all! Hope everybody has a fun and safe weekend!

Colleen McIntyre

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