Newsletter 8/30/11

Club Business
-The callout is tomorrow! It’s at 7pm in EE 129.
-Wear cool costumes around campus to advertise for the callout tomorrow! Make sure you put fliers or something on you so people know why you’re dressed up. Wear them to the callout, then the crowd will vote on the best costume. The winner will get an awesome prize.
-If you have gear out, either e-mail Brad or Gage saying you’re still using it, or RETURN IT TO THE CLOSET. There’s a lot of missing gear that needs to be found/returned. When the gear people aren’t happy, nobody’s happy.
-Pay dues before you check gear out. Dues are $25 for the year and can be paid at the meetings or at the callout tomorrow.

Trips Going Out
-There’s a couple climbing trips going out to the Red this weekend. Look for e-mails
-There’s a trip going out to Tennessee. Again, look for the e-mails.
-There may or may not be a kayaking trip this weekend.
-A backpacking trip is going to Colorado this weekend.

Trips that Went Out
-A group had a beach party, which was a lot of fun. Kate and Ian kayaked into the beach, and the rest of us hiked in.
- Samm, Mandy, Graham, and Peter went to the Red. The weather was nice, there weren’t many people, and they had fun. Peter on sighted a 14 bolt, 100 foot, overhanging 5.12b.
-During the fliering these past couple days, Isaac got attention for the club by kayaking in the fountains. He sat at the top of the Memorial mall fountain until the boat filled with water. Kate put a kayak on top of a skateboard, sat in it, and got pulled around by Gage on his bike. Gage’s bike tragically bent, but it attracted a lot of people’s attention. Kate also kayaked in Engineering mall fountain. Great job guys!

That's it! Hope everybody has a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!


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