Newsletter 8/24/11

Hi all! Hope everybody had a fantastic summer! Here’s the meeting notes from our first meeting of the school year.

Club Business
- EVERYBODY needs to fill out waivers. They’re new and exciting with only one side! Link
- Our callout will be Wednesday, August 31st at 7pm in EE129
- Roll sessions are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9:30pm. Come and learn how to roll, paddle, and other cool stuff.
- Please please go to or go online and do the drivers certification thing to be able to drive for the club.
- CPR/FA classes are going on soon! Kelly will send out an e-mail after the callout.
- The club picnic is going to be Tuesday, September 13th at 437 Vine St. (Mandy, Samm, Danie, Amy, and my house). Everybody should bring a tasty dish to share and the club will provide hotdogs and hamburgers.
- Go crazy advertising for the callout! If you’re doing a cool (legal) activity, hang a sign and/or hand out fliers.

Past Trips
- Gage went to Glacier National Park over the summer to backpack for 5 days, but unfortunately didn’t get to do much backpacking because he found out he had asthma :( Instead he made friends with bull moose and female moose, got attacked by marmots (not bears), and found out that Hardy’s food sucks.
- Samm climbed at Diamond and almost died. She did 2000 feet of climbing which was 1000 feet soloing and 1000 feet with a rope. She waited 4 hours for the people ahead of her to climb and as a result had to spend the night up at 14,000 feet with a cliff bar and ¼ liter of water. In the morning she hiked 7 miles with no water, and hallucinated and talked to herself the whole way down. Everybody stop worrying because she got rescued by nice people who gave her Gatorade and food and escorted her to the rangers station. Glad you made it back safe Samm!
- Nick, Joe B., and Nico went to Wyoming and climbed Devils Tower which was 400 feet to the top. They were really slow and Nick led trad. Joe got a nasty rash everywhere but still went on all the adventures. On the way to Grand Traverse they went off the trail, had to hike on really crappy snow, and went back on trail where they ended at Inclosure. They also shared bags because they couldn’t dig catholes.
- Isaac went to the Red, Jackson Falls, caving, and mountain biking in Michigan. No one got hurt and he had a wonderful time. Good job Isaac!
- Jonathon and his brother went to Colorado and hiked Pikes Peak. They met cool people and had a really good adventure.
- Rachel, Kerry, and other kayakers did a lot of kayaking over the summer like East Race and Big Sandy. Kerry jumped off of a really tall cliff, landed wrong, and her body turned black. They almost accidentally drove into West Virginia and lost a tent, but had a good time.
- Max went to Yosemite and learned to trad climb
- Joe C., Kumar, and Jake went to Navine, got hailed on, and did four 14ers
- Kate lived in North Carolina and worked in Charlotte where she instructed people how to kayak. She taught a lot of interesting people and went on the Green River Narrows. She slid upside down on a big rapid called Gorilla, but luckily was OK after a little bit. Her boat ran another rapid named Sunshine, which resulted in a guy posting that he thought she had pro status. BA.

- Samm is going to the Red this weekend.
- Next weekend Nick is going mountaineering.
- The weekend after Labor Day there’s an adventure race. Look for Isaac’s e-mail.
- Brad is having a Beach Party Saturday night.
- Don hopes to go mountain biking Saturday.
- Kate wants to take a beginner kayaking trip soon.

That's all! Hope everybody has a great first week of classes!

Your loving secretary,

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