Newsletter 3/22/11


-Officer elections will take place during the meeting on 4/12/11

-Nominations for officer positions will start being accepted approximately one week prior to the election date

-The hold for all check requests has been lifted.  If you have turned in check requests before spring break and have not received compensation please allow one more week for the reimbursement money.  If you still do not receive compensation by next week please let Samm know.  Also, if you need to get reimbursed for POCAR gas money and are not MVR checked the Club Sports will NOT reimburse you unless you get MVR checked.



-Greg and Graham went to Rock Town in North West Georgia for some bouldering.  Greg got a sweet tan.  Their group discovered an unmarked boulder and made some new routes.  They named the first route Franklin’s Tower because it looked like a turtle.

-Brad Grills took a trip to Mississippi.  He stopped at Mammoth Cave, Coyote Ugly, and Golf Port.  He played some guitar, did not make friends at Birmingham, took a swamp boat tour, met a smart Louisianian, and visited the Petrified Forest.  His car broke down somewhere between Memphis and Louisville. It sounded pretty serious.  Also, he is sporting a new stylish reverse goatee.

-Kelly, Emily, and Joe K. went to Hawaii.  They visited four different color beaches; black, white, green, and yellow. They did some bouldering, they did not see and lava, and Kelly set up a hammock and did some hitchhiking.

-Brad L. crawled into a club sleeping bag and found a prize of boxers hidden at the bottom, then lit them up and determined that boxers make a pretty good torch.  He also went to Lake Monroe, attempted to go kayaking and canoeing, tried multiple times to construct a worthy boat, but unfortunately never made it across the water.

-The kayakers went to North Carolina.  A group of sixteen went all together.  They had some good times, some of them snuck off to go climbing one day.  There will be pictures soon to come.

-Lauren, Amy O., Renju, Johnathan, and one other person went to Adirondacks in NY.  They saw Niagara Falls.  They attempted snow showing with 3 pairs of snow shoes and five people.  Amy O. decided that pants were too much of a hassle so she hiked pants less to the summit.

-Brandon went to New Orleans and danced on many stages.  Claimed it was like Vegas with less gambling and better donuts.

-Joe C. went climbing at Red Rocks Nevada with 16 others.  His car stopped at Clear Creek Colorado to climb on the way there.  He went to Vegas for St. Patty’s Day and left the proof all over facebook.  Peter and Trevor B. watched a slideshow of a professional climber and won lots of cool new gear in a raffle.  Isaac, Donnie, and Logan climbed tunnel vision one day, a 6 pitch traditional route, and they managed to survive.

-Joe B. avoided an epic story by deciding not to finish a multiple pitch route in the dark.

-A male whose name I forgot to ask, sorry!, climbed at Horseshoe Arkansas with a friend.  They climbed a 4 star 5.10 D route and did some traditional climbing as well.

-Samm went to the Red.  The climbing was good, and the rest of her trip must have been as well because she cannot tell us about it.  She also saw a woman named Sasha climb a 5.14 C route.  The highest grade climbed by a woman climber.

-Brooklyn, Rebecca, John, and Dave hiked around in TN.  Dave got stuck repelling half way down at Roadside and had to wait for John to come to his rescue while all the cars mocked him as they drove by.  They also made a visit to the Tellico River, found an abandoned dog, and feared that they were going to get eaten by bears.


-Joe B. wants to go to the Red and is looking for friends to join him.

-Isaac is going to Jackson Falls during finals week, he will be back by Saturday, he will be staying at his home in Evansville and is looking for others interested in joining him.

-Brad L. is planning a tentative trip to Fort Custer Michigan the weekend of April 1st.

-Brad Grills is planning a backpacking trip to Monroe.  It is a 10 mile backpacking loop, beginners are welcome.  Talk to Brad if you are interested.  Also, visit Brad if you are near Muscatatuck this summer.

-Mandy is looking to get together for fun and games this weekend, watch for updates



Glad to see everyone made it back alive!

-Amy :)

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