Newsletter 3/8/11


-There will be no meeting next week due to SPRING BREAK!

-Officer elections for next year will take place in mid April start thinking about who you would like to elect.

-Underwear design is finished ask Isaac if you would like to see it.

-If you are an officer and you are not CPR certified, get certified, or the RSC will eat you alive!  Make sure to get a receipt so you can be reimbursed.


-The kayaking lock-in took place on Friday.  Everyone who went seemed to have a good time.  There was a hot tub, we played sharks and minnows, practiced our kayaking skills, jumped off the almost high dive, played on the raft, turned it into a slide and took underwater group photos.  Joe C. rescued Susie (the training dummy) from the bottom of the pool.

-The 2nd lead clinic was held on Saturday.  Many new leaders showed up all together we have around 15 new lead climbers and they will soon all have cool new leading tags.

-Mandy met a crazy old lady at the climbing gym and is now trying to start a new trend where you tell people “hugs” and “kisses” when you say goodbye.

-Brad Grills called off his survival trip disappointed by the lack of interest that was originally so strong.


-Amy O., and Laura will be taking a trip to Adirondacks staying at a cabin and hiking around on some mountains.  This trip is now CLOSED.

-There is a 5K fun run for charity taking place on April 2nd.  The cost is $15 to participate.

-Kelly and Emily will be leaving Thursday morning and spending next week in Hawaii deep water soloing.

-There is a bouldering competition this Thursday in Homewood, IN.  Mandy will be leaving Purdue at 4:30 and returning around 12:30 if you wish to join her.  Pizza and other items will be included in the cost of the competition.

-Brad Grills will be performing at the Union TONIGHT for open mic night.  Be sure to stop by around 7:30pm to cheer him on.  Afterwards Brad and Kyle H. will be on a man date swapping recipes.



Have fun, be safe.  Everyone come back in two weeks with extraordinary stories to share.

-Amy :)


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