Newsletter 2/22/11

Club Business

-Someone with graphic design experience is wanted for designing the POC underwear and Nalgenes. Samm has already claimed the job of underwear inspector.

-The kayaking lock in is scheduled for Wednesday, March 2nd. It’s $10 for pizza, hot tub, kayaking, games, and fun! Just bring your swimsuit and know   how to swim. More details will be e-mailed out.

-The lead clinic is this Saturday at 8am. Those going need to meet at the BCC at 7am. It’s $25 and you have to be able to climb a 5.9+/5.10-. See Peter’s e-mail if you’re interested.

Trips that Went Out

 -A big group of us went caving at Buckner’s cave on Saturday. Rob co-led (aka followed) Brad and Andrew around the cave. There was a lot of crawling and complaining. Keith brought bruchetta to share, and the fragrant scents of Rob filled the air making it an interesting experience for anybody behind him. Mandy and Joe C. dressed up like it was prom and looked lovely. Amy and I almost got attacked by a bat.

-Joe Bledsoe went kayaking at the Pine. He didn’t flip or play in the water Saturday because it was way too cold. On Sunday him, Ian, and Kristy sucked it up and had some fun in the water. Kristy had to swim which made her extremely cold, but she was a champ and got back into the boat and continued to kayak.

-Samm went to Tennessee to boulder. At dinner she found $5 which was really some waiter’s tip. The next day she was about to send a V4 but fell and sprained her ankle and had to be carried out by an old man who told her stories. Everything she got to climb was exquisite.

-Trevor, Brad L., and others played broom ball at the top of a parking garage because it was too warm to play on the ice. They won 8-0.

-Brad Grylls went camping at Morgan Monroe. He got lost, couldn’t find a lake, and got his ear drum blown out.

-Graham and Greg played a romantic game of frisbee by moonlight at midnight.

-Jason and Pat went caving and stole a helmet from our caving group. 


Trips Going Out

-There’s a kayaking film fest in Frankfurt, Kentucky. Talk to Rob if you want to go.

-Graham and Greg are possibly having another date at a maple syrup fest Saturday.

-Brad L is planning a mountain biking trip in late March to Fort Custer in Michigan. The trip would be for 2 days. Talk to him if you’re interested.

-The Adventure Race registration deadline is coming up fast. Get your teams together and look for Kyle’s e-mail later for more details.

-Brad Gryll’s wilderness survival skills trip is the weekend before spring break. It’s for more advanced people so talk to him to see if there are spots open. 

That’s all! Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!


Colleen  :)

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