Newsletter 2/15/11


-The kayaking lock-in will take place in early March.  To be eligible for participation you must be an official club member, meaning your dues and waiver forms must be turned into Samm.

-Mandy is actively working on getting us POC underwear.

-Congratulations to Brad Grills for being elected the clubs newest backpacking consultant.

-To all consultants who have purchased club gear, please bring your receipts to Samm if you would like to be reimbursed.



-Climbing lock-in went well.  Around 60 attendants showed up.  Brad Grills enjoyed a jazz concert nearby, as others participated in fun and games such as the infamous bouldering competition, caterpillar wrestling, and a rigorous arm wrestling chain which lead to sore muscles and boob cramps.

-Isaac held his extreme hammocking call out on Friday.  He enjoyed a peaceful nap and a full container of hot chocolate seeing as no one was extreme enough o come out and share it with him.

-Kate, Rachel, Rob, and Keith went to Nashville Tennessee.  They enjoyed a brewery tour, pancakes, hotdogs, chicken strips, and a barbeque, as they explored the best food stands Nashville had to offer.


-Rob and Gage are leading a caving trip, for your own safety I would suggest waiting for another official club caving trip if you have never been before.

-Trevor, and Brad L. are participating in a broom ball tournament, wish them good luck if you see them.

-Mandy is climbing somewhere in TN yet to be determined.  She is looking for others who would like to come along for the ride.  Contact her if interested.

-Samm is also going to TN on personal business, this trip is CLOSED.

-Brad Grills has pushed back the date of his survival skills trip to the first weekend of March.  This is a trip to his personal property and is only open to people he likes and trusts.

-There is an adventure race being held in Indi in the fall.  It is a 12 hour race that includes mountain biking, canoeing, and trail running.  You compete in teams of 3.  There is a group discount for us meaning we get 1/3 the price off, plus the club will pay 1/3 of each participant’s fee.  The final cost is around $25 per person.  Contact Kyle Herwig if you are interested regardless of whether or not you have a team.  You must contact Kyle if you wish to get all the club discounts.

-Brad L. is looking for others interested in participating in the Southern Michigan Adventure Club race otherwise known as SMAC.

-Just a reminder to keep an eye out for emails about roll sessions and trips going out to the climbing gym every week.  You must attend these trips if you wish to partake in the spring break trips.



Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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