Newsletter 2/8/11

Weekly meetings are Tuesdays at 7pm in FRNY B124. 

Club Business

-There will be a new gear inspection policy. The consultants will be working with the gear officers to set up specifics for each sport. This provides documented inspection of our gear for club sports and will be done once per week.

-The Climbing Lock-in is this weekend at Towers. There will be lots of fun games so you don't have to climb or like climbing to go. If someone has crates we can use for crate staking please let us know! It is this Saturday and is $10. You can still sign up by referring to Peters email that was sent out earlier today.

-We talked about Pocar feedback and changing to online registration.

-Donations: Consultant fill out a check request with the organization you want to donate to as the vendor. With this you must prove this organization is a 501-3-c non-profit organization and print it off to include with the check request.


Trips that went out:

-Samm went to TN for bouldering and successfully made sushi and did not get food poisoning.

-JoeC went to see 127 hours, it was pretty good.

-Greg went sledding and it was awesome. He even got to see 2 girls go off a ramp 15 ft in the air and eat it.


Trips going out:

-JoeB: ice climbing in the UP the weekend of Jan 19-20. Contact him if you want to go. You will need basic climbing gear and a helmet, don't forget the helmet or he will be very mad. He will bring the ice gear.

-Kyle: next fall there is an adventure race in Indy. Registration ends this May so he is organizing groups now, contact him if you want to go, you will only pay 1/3 of the cost ($20-30). It is a multisport race: orienteering, trail running, mountain biking, canoe.

-Roll sessions are still going on Mondays and Wednesdays in the pool, you need to go to these to go on the awesome kayaking spring break trip.

-Brad Grills will be taking a trip 3 weekend from now that involves learning how to survive in the wilderness. He will be taking people to his property in Owen County and it will involve learning to make emergency shelters, fires, snares, but don't worry he has a cabin if you don't want to sleep in your emergency shelter. Samm will be sleeping in an animal carcass on this trip. An email about this will be sent out if you are interested.

-Next Tuesday: JoeB is going snowboarding all day. 2 for 1 lift tickets, contact him.

-Amy will be hosting a Lube Party. Please come. Email her if you are interested. This is a great way to get to know everyone in a new way.

-Isaac will be having the extreme hammocking callout this Friday. The time has been changed to 4pm and this will be in Memorial Mall.




Everyone have a good week,



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