Newsletter 2/2/11

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow day! Props to us for being the only club I know that did not cancel their meeting today! Extra coolness points to everyone who actually ventured through the ice and showed up.


-The semesterly climbing lock-in will be held on Saturday night February 12, 2011 at Climb Time Towers in Indy.  The lock-in includes but is not limited to, caterpillar wrestling, team bouldering competitions, star tipping, crate stacking, wall twister, and various other activities.  The cost of the lock-in is $10 for every person even if you have a gym membership. The money pays for the overnight rental of the gym and pizza! This is an official club trip so if you wish to attend please make sure your waivers and dues are turned into Samm.  You do NOT need to have any previous experience to attend the lock-in POCers of all sports are welcome! Yes, even the kayakers!

Kayaking lock-in is TBD.

-Roll sessions/hot tub sessions are taking place every Monday and Wednesday from 8-9:30pm in the dive-well at the aquatic center. You MUST attend roll sessions if you wish to join the kayakers on their spring break trip.


-Peter, Danny, and Jordan entered a climbing competition in Wisconsin. Peter competed in the open division and did very well.  The theme for the competition this year was mustaches.  The winners were honored with mustache trophies.

-Gage and Samm went to a concert, and as far as I know they had a good time.

-Brad H., Mandy, and many others went on a caving trip Saturday.  They split up into two caving teams. Apparently the team that was named Team Hare won the race. Mandy led her team astray and space traveled back to the entrance of the cave, Joe C. boosted their team morale with his jokes pertaining to the death of them all, and Mandy now owes Brad a milkshake.

-Joe C. led a trip to Climb Time Towers on Monday through the snowstorm.  His trip consisted of nearly 5 hours of driving and 45 minutes of climbing, but he also got a shiny new phone and everyone made it back alive, yay!


-There is a mystery caving trip being led by Brad H. this weekend.  No one knows where he is taking us.  Please be concerned if we are short a couple of POCers at the meeting next Tuesday. Also, this trip is CLOSED.

-Mandy is taking some of us ladies out to Indy on Friday to teach us some new pole dancing moves. This trip is also CLOSED.

-There is talk of tie-dying the old white POC shirts to try and make them more appealing for people to take. Stay tuned for more information.

That's all folks! Enjoy your snow day, it will probably be the only one you ever get!


Your friend, Amy :)


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