Newsletter 1/18/11


The callout is TONIGHT! in PHYS 112 at 7pm. where your favorite POC apparel to show your support for the club.

Consultants please have your dates planned for your individuals sporting callouts.

POCAR volunteers please talk to Kyle if you need to get repayed for any club expenses you had over the weekend.

The club budget meeting is next week, consultants please have an idea of what gear you need to replace.


POCAR- the race started with 47 teams and 13 teams finished. Overall we had a really good turn out. Some people had fun making and sleeping in a sweet snow fort.  Others had fun playing marco polo with the radios. And the racers had fun too. One team ran in to a group of raccoon hunters.

A big thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who helped out with the race. Props to Brandon for being an unofficial coordinator.  Kyle is looking for feedback on the race and suggestions for improvement for next year. Please talk to him if you have any positive or negative feedback you would like to share.

Mandy went skiing in Monatana.  She alternated between the appropriate french fry ski pattern and her preferred pizza style of skiing.


Nick would like more volunteers to help clean up all of the POCAR flags this weekend.

Joe C. and Kerry's birthdays are this Thursday! Joe is thinking about taking a trip to the climbing gym Thursday. 

Andy is coming to town this weekend!

Joe B. is going to the ice climbing festival in Michigan the 1st weekend of February and is looking for someone who would like to leave with him on Thursday.

See you all at the callout tonight!


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