Newsletter 1/11/11

Welcome back everybody! Hope you all enjoyed your break! I missed your smiling faces :)


Club callout is next Wednesday Jan 19 in PHYS 112 @ 7pm

Kaylin sent out emails about flyering today please help out if you can.

Consultants please have the dates of your specific callouts planned so you can announce them at the callout. 

POC apparel- we are getting POC underpants! We will use the underwear to entice individuals to join our club, and next semester we are thinking of giving a free pair of underpants to each member.

There will be a budget meeting on Jan 25th to discuss how the club funds should be spent. Consultants please come with an idea of what gear you really need and what gear you want.

POCAR- 51 teams totaling 260 individuals are registered for POCAR this weekend!

You must have you dues and waivers turned in if you want to compete in POCAR as a POC member.  Otherwise it will cost you $20 more.

The new gear closet is in Lambert. From the main entrance take a left, then follow the hallway around the corner and all the way to the end were you will run into a staircase. Take the stairs to the third floor and you will be there. Remember that Lambert is closed on weekends and gear will be inaccessible. 

We are in need of a snowyaking kayak,  please let us know if you can help



Joe B., Jake, Trevor, and Brad met up with Logan and Drake in Colorado.  They did a lot of ice climbing, summated Mt. Elbert, and broke the club’s snowshoes.  Joe and Logan crossed the Colorado River on foot to climb the first 80 feet of a 300ft frozen waterfall of snow and ice or snoce as they like to call it. They also played with explosives and did not return until late that night. Meanwhile Jake and Trevor were worried about their safety and called hospitals and police stations in 3 nearby cities to make sure they were not dead. The group ended their trip with a feast at Quincy’s.

Isaac and his cousin went bouldering at Jackson Falls.  They tried out Isaac’s new campfire stove and ate chicken alfredo with their hands. 

Dane, Isaac, Andrew, and Jason went caving in southern IN and crawled through holes their helmets would not fit through. (Not recommended)

Brad L. made a snowman and made a fire right next to it and watched as his creation died a slow melting death.

Brad J. spent last semester in New Zealand, quickly determined that we have a better outing club and will later give us a presentation on his experience.

Graham, Samm, and Emily went to Georgia for some bouldering and it was awesome.

Rob and Kevin did some water adventures together. Neither of them wanted to talk about it. 

Liz, Nick, and Kyle H. went to Yellowwood to set the course for POCAR


Joe B. is going to the ice climbing festival in Michigan on Feb 4th.  Claims that beer is included in the admission fee 

Mandy wants to have a TITTL viewing party with a gallon ice cream challenge TBA.


Have a good weekend! Hope to see you all at POCAR!


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