Newsletter 11/9/10


LOCK-IN is this Saturday night! We will be meeting to leave from behind the Subway at Purdue West @ approximately 7 or 8pm look for another email. Everyone who has a car please bring it! We will arrange rides when we get there. Bring $10 for the event; this covers the cost of renting the gym for the night and pizza for dinner. Bring $5 or so for gas for your driver. Bring any sleeping bags, pajamas, and stuffed animals you might want to sleep with. DO NOT bring drugs or alcohol of any sort, this is a club function, you will be banned. Also, there is a dress code. You must wear brightly colored (preferably polka-dotted) clothing; the more rhinestones the better. Remember that top hats and onezies are always classy.

BOULDERING competition this Saturday! Competition is at Hoosier Heights. The cost is $40 to compete $25 to watch. This is a fundraiser for PMRP put on by the Red River Gorge climbing coalition, so it will benefit everyone in the club who climbs at the Gorge. Talk to Mandy if you are interested.

ALL GEAR needs to be returned to the closet before Thanksgiving break, NO exceptions. The gear closet is being moved to Lambert next semester and everything must be accounted for.

POCAR registration is open. Get your teams together. The cost is $25 per person if you are an official member of the outing club. If you do not want to race please seriously consider volunteering; this is the main source of income for the club for the entire year and how we pay for all of the club gear. We will be gathering in Memorial Mall at 6:30 on Wednesday to advertise for POCAR, please come and bring flyers to post.

POCtoberfest shirts can be picked up in the gear closet. Help support the club by purchasing and showing off your favorite POC schwag, all the leftover clothing needs to go so we have more room in the gear closet!

NO ONE is allowed to lead or lead-belay at Climb Time Towers without a belay tag unless you have direct consent of Mandy, Peter, or Greg.

THE LEAD CLINIC will be re-scheduled after Thanksgiving break, you MUST go to the clinic if you want to lead or lead-belay. Talk to Greg so he can make the best accommodations for everyone. Also, if you are not a climbing consultant, DO NOT teach lead climbing to anyone under any circumstance.


Rob, Dave, and Kate kayaked the Cheoah River in North Carolina. When they set out, the weather was cold and snowy, but thanks to Rob’s optimism the sun eventually came out. Then it quickly changed to sleet due to Kate’s negativity. It is a class iv/v river. They were able to use their knowledge of the safety lesson we had during our meeting a few weeks ago to assess the situation that our teachers predicted when they found someone swimming in the river with a dislocated shoulder. They used the SOAP method and analyzed that the best way to handle the situation was to let the guys friends take him to the hospital.


Lock-in! Joe B. is looking for anyone who wants to go to the Red with him this weekend who has a car and would like to drive. Greg is going to the Red two weekends from now. Talk to him if you would like to go, the level of difficulty is negotiable. Isaac is going mountain biking in Brown County and then heading to the lock- in. There is one spot open, preferably to someone who has their own bike.

Have a great weekend! Hope to see everyone at the Lock-in! -Amy :) 

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