Newsletter 10/26/10


POCtoberfest Shirts are in! If you pre-ordered your shirt then come pick it up!
All unclaimed shirts will be sold to the highest bidder.
It is never too late to join the club! Please turn all waivers and dues into
Samm Rieger if you would like to become an official POC member.

Samm has informed us all that Greyhouse sells Ale-8 and Ski!
Gage became the new assistant treasurer for the club.


And now, some enlightening information on ethics.

"Leave No Trace" means precisely that. Do not chop down trees in the forest just because you have a hatchet. Do not carve, paint, sketch, etch, draw, create, mold, shape, or design the Purdue Outing Club name, or any other words or illustrations ANYWHERE in nature (or in public facilities), EVER! The leave no trace policy that our club follows intends to keep nature as preserved and natural as possible. Ideally, when you leave from your excursion no one should be able to tell that you were ever there. (Pretend you have to cover up all the evidence from a crime scene, so no one can trace your steps.) Sparklers
are an exception, you may write out whatever you wish in sparklers as long as you do not leave your trash behind.

More ethics: Pick up any and all trash you find and take it out with you. Keep your language PG, and keep the noise level down. Try to keep the size of your groups smaller, other people like to go on trips too. If you take a bigger group, be courteous and let other people work around you. When trying to support your peers in their sports watch that fine line between encouragement
and harassment. Yes, they are two different things. Also, when you check out gear from the gear closet, put it back where it goes. Respect all gear, and all people. Everyone deserves respect, give it to them. Every officer and consultant has the power to kick out anyone who causes problems. So be cool.


Nick and a few others went on the Halloween orienteering trip. His team was inspired by an illustration on Nico's car and raced with the team name The Silver Dollars. Nick led his team through more of his beloved bushwhacking, and in the process Velcroed his shirt to his pants. He also received a dozen splinters. They ended the trip right with a stop at Denny's.

Samm went to the gallery at The Red. Alex led his first route. It was a 5.10b. Joe C. took a mean 20ft whipper, it was super awesome. Emily led a beginner trip to The Red, beginners did great.

Joe B. and some others did some trad climbing at Indian Creek, thought the book was wrong and they could get back down the climb with one rope. Turned out they were wrong and had to do two repels to get back to the ground. Also put
up a 10a trad climb when the sun was setting. They missed pizza, but saw bears, snakes, chimpmunks, and phantom cricket people.

Whitney had a blast doing "bedtime for bonzo." She freaked out, but she survived and is glad it is over.

Kate led the third beginner kayaking trip. 5 girls and 1 lucky man went on the trip. Lincoln and Kristy both did their combat rolls on the river. Kate was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis the day before the trip, but still went.  Emma had a good time shivering underneath four sweatshirts.

Mandy serenaded her neighbors with Lion King songs and they through grapes at her window to show their appreciation.


Samm is climbing at The Red this weekend, is looking for people who want to help her avoid Halloween.

A group of 12 people are going to Critical Mass is Chicago on Friday, they are all dressing as smurfs then celebrating afterward.

POCAR registration is open! Sign up before 12/13/2010 to get a t-shirt. If you do not enjoy 48 hour hikes through the brutally cold, please sign up to be a super-kickass volunteer. POCAR is the main source of income from our club, and provides us with all the money we need for gear, driver checks, and pizza!

Please, please, please VOLUNTEER! What do volunteers do? They help register the racers, set points, pick up points, take water to checkpoints, drive around picking up exhausted individuals, help make sure all the racers maintain sanity, and other cool stuff. Volunteers get reimbursed for gas, and there may be free chili in it for you this year too! Volunteer for whatever days you can.

Put together teams through the Purdue Outing Club message board on the Purdue Outing Club website. Or go make some friends and form a team that way. All you need to compete is a working compass, a heavy-duty winter coat, and lots of

The semi-annual lock-in is tentatively scheduled for Saturday on the weekend before Thanksgiving. There is an 80 person limit for this event.


John and Mary came to the meeting to teach us about first aid and safety tips. I quickly summarized some helpful tips below.

-Stay hydrated. Always take water with you on every trip. Make sure the water is clean and free from harmful bacteria. If you get water from nature, boil it or treat it before you drink it or use it to cook with.

-For splints, find sanitary sturdy object to help stabilize limb. (No chicken arms). After you create a splint, ensure there is still blood circulation, sensation, and movement of extremities.

-For wounds, DO NOT "rub dirt in it" or chalk for that matter. Use RICE. Give it Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

-If someone gets seriously injured, record SOAP diagnosis.
Subjective-region, quality, severity of pain, time, what happened Objective-check vitals, physical examination of injury, record height, weight, and age
Assessment-record main symptoms verbalized by patient
Planning- what would be the best thing to do in this situation.
Health History-current/past health problems, medication/treatment, allergies, last food/drink

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Hope your weekend is filled with costumes and candy!

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