POC Newsletter 9/28/10

Sign up for POCTOBERFEST!!! The deadline to sign up is this Friday!
You must be a registered club member with your waiver and $25 dues turned in if you want to go on this trip.
On behalf of Kelly, please return any club tents you are not using to the gear closet by Friday.

Kyle and Nick lead a beginner orienteering trip to Hoosier National forest.
It was a success. They spent the night in Hickory Ridge Friday night. The group split up into two teams, they set their points in the morning, then went out in search of the other teams points after lunch. Nick's group had to run through the bushes flailing and shouting like mad people to scare off the 11 year old hunters. They also met some nice rangers, some hippies, and a man
marking his trail. Kyle's group found the trails.
Andrew, Brad, and Emily led the beginners caving callout to Sullivan cave near Bedford, IN. They made friends with a group of cup scouts wearing flashlights taped to their helmets. A smaller group camped out overnight where
Brad made friends with a nest full of yellow jackets. Brad apparently does not scream like a little girl when he is frightened and luckily is not allergic to yellow jacket stings. He also came home with 10-15 souvenirs to remember this
Kate and Liz competed in the boilerman competition. The competition consists of a 1500M swim, 26 mile bike, and 6 mile run. After the competition, Kate ate a few pizzas, a few dozen bagels and donuts, and one-half of a banana.
Anna went mountain biking with Gage for the first time. She speared herself with the handle bars of the bike, was absolutely terrified during her experience, and had a wonderful time. She encourages anyone else who is considering mountain biking to come give it a try.
Mandy and her momma went to NY for their birthdays and to visit Andy. They took a nice tour of the city and probably had a great time.

The beginner outdoor climbing trip is this weekend!! Mandy, Isaac, Peter, Greg, Kaylin, and everyone else who is really awesome will be taking cars down to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Andy and Donnie are coming too! Before you can climb with the club outdoors you MUST go to the indoor climbing trip first! Greg, Isaac, and possibly some others are taking trips to the gym
Thursday, look for their emails.
POCAR registration will begin the second week of October. Everyone who is serious about POCAR has probably already started training. Samm is organizing POCAR training by running up the hill to hilltop carrying full water jugs. Talk to her if you are interested.
Mandy is inviting all the older POCers to join her in experiencing desert agriculture Thursday at 11:30pm

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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