Newsletter 9/7/10


CALLOUT! Tuesday, September 14 in PHYS 114 @ 7PM.

Friday 10-3ish we will be advertising in memorial mall by slacklining, flyering, and showing off our best looking male POCers to attract more women to the club. Monday same deal just meet at the bell tower instead.

POCtoberfest sign ups will start next week, everyone will have to sign up through a consultant and pay for the trip at the time of sign up. Shirt payments can be made at this time as well. You MUST have your dues and waiver forms turned in in order to be put on the POCtoberfest list.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the drivers meeting, and to Isaac for designing the POCtoberfest T-shirts.

POC alumni Logan Bartek is accepting donations to get him to POCtoberfest.
Please contact Logan if you would like to help his cause.


Nick led a group of 12 people to Colorado and met up with 3 alumni. 12 out of the 15 people summited Mt. Harvard and5 people summited Mt. Columbia as well.
They did a straight bridgeline traverse, free soloed and basically dominated those mountains.

Rob, Kate, Tyler, and Dave went to NY to kayak more advanced rivers. They stopped to look at Niagara Falls on the way back, and made it home at 8:30 Tuesday morning just in time for class. They also have awesome footage of the

Kerry, Joe B., Ian, Mike, Heidi, and Ashishe? did some kayaking in Tennessee. They ran into car trouble when Joe's car broke down, but found a temporary ingenious solution to fit everyone safely in one car with room for food, very important, and the only thing they had to leave behind was Mike. They made him hitch hike back home, but he now has an experience he will remember for the rest of his life. He tells stories of driving a 30 passenger van, aka, a bus. Someone decided to swim the diamond splitter on the Ocoee just for fun. They finally met up with Mandy and did some car swapping.

Mandy, Joe C., Jordan, Alex, Kumar, and Max went climbing in Tennessee. They stopped at Andy's mom's house in Lexington Friday night for a climber party, some bluegrass music, and an intense game of blockus. Joe owes Kelly a six pack of Ale 8. The boys scored two climbing dates for the weekend. Bowchicawowow. Climbed all over some massive roofs, and some massive jugs.
Invented the boulder take, and several new types of jams. Joe claims, "we stuck every body part we could fit into a hole." Well said Joe.

Samm, Greg, Dani, Isaac, Kelly, Colleen, and I went to the Red. We were all lucky enough to eat some Miguels pizza before they ran out. The stars were phenomenal. Greg was the only one courageous enough to man up to the one arm lock off competition, and even placed. Well done Greg! Colleen, Dani, and Samm all did some lead climbing.


Pajo is going mountain biking and extreme hammocking in Brown County this weekend

Samm is going to the Red and has open seats in her car Kate, Dave, and Derick are starting off Gauley fest right by running the upper Gauley

Rob is also taking a kayaking trip. For this trip you must have your roll down, and Rob is looking for someone with a big rack to make the trip even better.

Trevor T. is taking a mountain biking trip Monday at 4pm at Amphitheater


Hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend! Keep taking advantage of the nice weather and invite everyone you know to the callout next Tuesday!

Amy :)

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