POC Newsletter 5/18/10

I just had to ask; "who's writing the newsletter today?"


Dave Nelson opened the meeting around 7:10pm inside the main doors.





*  Charles is working on getting the old email archives up on POCipedia, and getting a POCipedia link on the main POC site.


*  All are welcome to post stuff to POCipedia, but contact Brad (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you want to upload files or photos;





*  Some Kayakers went to North Carolina for a big event and ran the Ocoee.  Kevin feels like "a real kayaker" now and had many combat rolls.  Rob slept through loud night time noises (not as dirty as it sounds), everyone else was woken up.  Dave slept in Rob's car.


*  Isaac went to the Red last week.  Joe Bledsoe taught him some trad climbing.


*  Brad L. rode his bike nearly 400 miles across Indiana last week to support Lafayette Habitat for Humanity.  Headwinds all week; adventures are posted here;


*  Derick went to Moab for the POC reunion.  He brought his helmet camera but forgot the battery charger.





*  Roll Session tomorrow from 5:30 to 7pm.  Come out and have some fun.



== Brad's corner of stupid stuff ==


Do you have 168 million dollars, and aren't quite sure how to spend it?  You should buy a mobile island home for the POC.  I'll keep it clean, I promise;


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