POC Newsletter 4/13/10

Tonight we had elections for the 2010-2011 school year:


-Pres: Mandy P.

-VP Promotions: Kaylin A.

-Adviser: John and Lev

-VP Newsletter: Amy B.

-Health and Safety: Kelly R.

-Treasurer: Samm R.

-POCAR Coordinator: Kyle H.

-POCAR Vol: Liz H.

-Backpacking: Kyle H. and Garth J.

-Caving: Andrew F., Brad H., Emily S.

-Kayaking: Rob, Kate, Heidi; Rafting: Kerri

-Gear: Head: Gage Helpers: Brad H. and Anna

-Mountain Biking: Don C., Trevor T., Amy O.

-Climbing: Peter, Issac,  Emily

-Webmaster: Dave

-Assit. Treasurer: Trevor, Tim

-Extreme Hammocking:Issac, Pajo & Grant D.


Congrats to everyone who got elected!!!!



-Representatives from the Civil Air Patrol spoke with us tonight, they do search and rescue and land navigation.  In the future we hope to coordinate with them to plan an orienteering course for POC members and their teams. Emails will be sent out about this when it is planned

-John Turk will be talking to us at our meeting on the 27th (dead week)

-Next week instead of having a meeting we will be having a picnic at Kelly and

Joe's place. This will be a pitch in so everyone bring a dish. There will be another email about this.

-Kayaking event during Grand Prix week, the 21st on Wednesday, another email will be sent out about this

-Climbing callout this weekend at Red River Gorge, contact Joe B.

-Rafting trip this weekend, 4 or 5 spots open, contact Kerri

-If you are interested in going to Muscatatuck to boulder this weekend contact Andy


Trips that went out:

-Rob and Dave drove all the way to TN to pick up a new kayak for Dave (his broke) and to kayak.  They got there only to find the store closed and had to drive all the way back.

-A bunch of climbers went to the Red. Stayed in Lexington Friday at Andy's new place, to to see Pat and Dave (awesome alumns if you don't know them) had awesome weather.  Andy sent his 11c project, Peter sent a 12a, Colleen got to learn to clean and lead, and I also stopped being a chicken to lead and clean a route.

Thats it, any questions email me!


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