POC Newsletter 4/6/10


-Kayaking event: In the corec pool the Wednesday of Grand Prix week, the 21st.

Suggestions talk to Rob and Kate asap. cost will be $10 and the club will be buying pizza, times are undecided but will be something like 8pm-1am or 10pm- 2am. This will be announced later.

-There will be a club picnic at Kelly and Joe's place on Grant Street on Tuesday the 20th, info will be sent out about this.

-John Turk will be coming to talk to our club April 27th, the Tuesday of dead week.  He is an adventurer, has climbed mountains and done some cool sea kayaking trips. He also wrote a book about all of this.

-POChub- is getting fixed! This will be our awesome new gear system, hopefully ready by the summer

-Elections are next Tuesday, nominate people online, from the link andy sent out

-the club was nominated for Student Activities Excellence Award. Andy, Mandy, and I will be attending the banquet tonight to see if we win, so we will let you know what happens.


Past Trips:

-Samm went to Washington DC and got yelled at for climbing on monuments

-Kate, Rob, Tyler, Derrick, Heidi, Monica went kayaking in West Virginia on a class 3-4 river and had great weather, 84 degrees saturday

-Steffan and Jordan and others went to the Red to climb and were highly efficient and the beginners did awesome. Steffan also climbed a 12b

-Joe B. and Wai-Chak went climbing at a really cool place on Wednesday


Trips going out:

-A lot of people are going to the Red this weekend, and it is going to be awesome

-Non-poc Avenue Q, contact Kelly if you plan on going

-Roll Sessions!!! Mon & Wed from 8-930 in the pool

-April 16,17,18 will be the beginner callout to the Red, talk to Joe B. If you haven't been you should go because the Red is the best place ever, much better than West Lafayette!

-Logan will be holding a foot belaying class next week. He has perfected his methods and it isn't even scary! (For anyone who believes this I am totally kidding, Logan has and will never belay with his feet, and no there will not be a class. And you shouldn't belay with your feet either!)


Thats all, email me with questions!



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