POC Newsletter 3/23/10

At Tuesdays meeting....


-Andy was late

-When you take trips please make sure you are being safe! Watch what you are doing and look out for others

-A Club picnic will be coming up in a few weeks, it will be announced on the mailing list when date/time is decided.

-The kayaking overnight is still in the works

-Bring pictures/movies from spring break to next weeks meeting for a showing, pick your favorite 5-10 pictures or a short video, remember you don't want to go too long or Brad will shove a sock in your mouth!

Trips that went out:

-Nick, Kyle, Tim, & Liz went to Colorado to climb some 14ers, they experienced some bad weather, only had 1 working stove out of 3, so did not have enough water. They were able to summit Mt. Elbert.

-Donnie, Logan & David climbed Solar Slab, a multi-pitch trad route at Red Rocks. They did the 13 pitches in 13 hours from car to car

-A group went backpacking in Texas where they ran into snow but were able to get to the highest peak

-A group went climbing at Jackson Falls although it was rainy and cold

-Brad went to Georgia and got to go deep sea and shore fishing but didn't catch anything

-A group went mountain biking and had no trail maps so got lost, and experienced a flat tire

-A ton of people went to Red Rocks to climb and met up with some alumni. Andy sliced his toe trying to get to a 7 pitch 10b sport route, but really enjoyed climbing in Flagstaff on the way home.

-At Red Rocks Emily was climbing this crazy awesome 11b when she stuck her hand in a waco where she found a rattlesnake, that she destroyed by throwing on the ground (do not throw snakes at your belayer) and then finished the route only to get knocked off the top by a pterodactyl, which caused her to fall and brake her ankle!

-Kristen burned 700 acres at Prophetstown (don't worry she is a firefighter)

-Kayakers went to North Carolina, what should have been an 8 hour drive turned into a 15 hour drive because Rob got lost in Lafayette and Kate's car broke.

They had more car problems later on trying to get to their cabin. Dave had a fight with a tree in on of the rivers.

Trips going out:

-Andy is going to the Red this weekend (maybe)

-Isaac might also be going to the Red

-THe Red River Reunion is this weekend so it may be crowded at the Red

-And for Red trips we may be switching to a per car basis (you'll get a car to go and  climb with your car all weekend) because lots of people are climbing this season

Any questions/concerns email me!



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