POC Newsletter 2/23/10

lub business:

-A kayaking type lockin is in the works to be held at the corec.  If it works out it will be held during grand prix week and will be an overnight thing at the pool.


Trips that went out:

-The ski trip went out and the 23 people that went had a lot of fun even though it was a busy weekend

-The orienteering trip went to Hoosier National Forest with 9 people. They formed into 2 teams and set points Saturday morning and set up 3 checkpoints/team. One team wasn't quite accurate with their points but they found all the points eventually. They may be going again in a couple weeks.

-Caving callout went out Saturday and Sunday to Buckner's cave. Everyone had fun and the favorite part was the wet part of the cave to see the waterfall.

-Ice climbing went to Starved Rock this weekend. The group got to climb a formation that hasn't formed in 4-5 years. There were awesome old guys climbing and little kids that got too close to the climbing and falling ice.


Trips going out:

-Ice climbing to Starved Rock Saturday. Meet at the corec at 7 am and you must have climbed with us before

-Indoor climbing callout Friday at 530 and Sunday at 12 (Saturday is a maybe). We will be going to Towers, cost to get in is $12, there may be a fee for gear rental and you need a couple bucks to chip in for gas. All are welcome.

-The weekend of March 6th Hoosier Heights will be having a climbing competition (top rope and lead climbing) sponsored by Upland, which means drinks and a climbing movie when the competition is over.

-The weekend of March 6th there will also be a climbing competition at Vertical Endeavors.

-Wednesday you should join Brad for Man vs. Wild at 9pm

-Spring break trips:

-Kayaking: go to roll session they still have spots on this trip! they will be getting a cabin that has a hot tub so it should be a good time.

-Climbers are going to Red Rocks Nevada, this trip is closed. There may be climbing trips to Red River Gorge as well

-Kyle and some others are headed to Colorado to climb some 14ers, this trip is closed

-There are usually backpacking trips as well, look for emails


Thats all for now, email me with questions!



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