POC Newsletter 1/26/10


-Callout tomorrow!!! WTHR 200 at 7pm. Wear POC shirts and come support our club!

-Lock-in at Towers on Friday Feb 12th. Will be leaving Purdue at 7 or 8 pm and carpooling down to Towers for a night of climbing, caterpillar wrestling, crate stacking and lots of other fun things! You do not need to be a climber to come, everyone is welcome and it is always a good time. Cost is $10 per person which covers entrance to the gym and the club will also be providing pizza and drinks.

-Samm has a new deal for you... if when pulling a lead rope down you can catch it close enough to the end that you can touch your thumb on the end she will give you 1 root beer or 1 ale 8 for in the gym.. if you do this outside she'll give you a 6 pack. Please be honest!

-Andy got the treasurer report and we have a lot of money..So talk to him, Samm, or Mandy if you have good ideas on new gear we may need.

-Grand Alternative: we need a good idea of an event to hold during grand prix week-no drinking- and if purdue approves our idea we can get funded (~$1000) to put the event on. Talk to Mandy if you have ideas

-If you didn't order a sweatshirt you can buy starting after next weeks meeting for $27. Shirts are $10.


Trips that went out:

-Kate and Dave went kayaking on the pine Sunday

-Pocar: We made ~$7000, 250 racers, 50 teams, this year a ton of teams finished (20-25).  A BIG thank you to all the volunteers, Tyler, Kyle, And Nick for putting on this race.

-Andy and a few others went to Muscatatuk and had a good time bouldering, camping, slack-lining and having lots of good food

-Garth went to the gym (Climb Time Indy) and this time it was extra special. Samm showed off her amazing climbing skills. He suggests checking out this gym, except during birthday parties.


Trips going out:

-After the callout you can join Brad at his place at 9pm to watch man vs. wild or Samm at her place to watch the State of the Union address

-Joe has been keeping an eye on ice climbing conditions at Starved Rock in Illinois, trips may be going out as soon as next weekend, later emails will be sent out for this

-Roll Sessions every Monday and Wednesday from 8-930

-Thursday there will be bouldering and food at Andys. Bring your own shoes. Starts at 7pm

-Kyle and Nick are planning to go to southern Indiana the weekend of Feb 20th to be doing some orienteering practice.

-The weekend of Feb. 20th there is also a ski trip to Perfect North

-You should probably go climbing with Garth at the gym on Friday, he always has an awesome time.


Email me with any questions!


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