POC Newsletter 12/2/09

Here's the news for the week. Enjoy!


- The Lock-in is this Saturday, December 5th. The Lock-in is always a great time, with climbing, games, and general shenanigans all night long. The roster is mostly full, but if you are lucky there might still be a few open spots left. Cost is $10 for the night including pizza, but you will need to split gas money in the car you come in. We are leaving at 8pm behind the Subway at Purdue West. Rides will be available, so bring a car if you have one, if not just bring your hot body.

- Elections - welcome our new officers!

- Treasurer - Samm Rieger

- Climbing Consultant - Joe Bledsoe

- Heath and Safety - Kelly Redmond

- Gear - Kaylin Adams

- Assistant Treasurer - Tim Galos

- Secretary/VP/the new me - Kaylin Adams


- POCAR 2009 is in sight! Planning and organization efforts are in full swing. Get your teams registered for the most epic 48 hour adventure race ever. Held over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the race is a HUGE fundraiser for the club and draws teams from professional as well as recreational circles. Help us make this year's race a success! Here are a few details.

- Teams MUST be 4-6 people

- POC member cost is $25 to race

- POCAR Promotions - this is a great way to get involved if you want to help with the event but still want to race.

- Thursday (tomorrow), Mandy will be staking out a command center in a computer lab where she will be sending emails to as many relevant groups as she can find. She wants help and will bring cookies! She'll be in ENAD 240 from 10:30-1 and ENAD 242 from 1:30-3.

- Campus flyering will be next Tuesday, so look for details coming out soon in an email. If anyone is willing to sacrifice their printing quota for the greater good of flyer printing, it would be much appreciated as well.

- POCAR Volunteers - a must have for a successful adventure race! Anyone interested should talk to Tyler about what he needs. There is a need for drivers to patrol the roads during the race, as well as people to help with setup teardown, and checkpoint personnel. Look for emails to come out in the near future with more details.



Kayaking - Dave and family went to Tallulah, GA for a class 4+/5 river. This is the infamous "Dave smashing his face" river (search Purdue Outing Club on youtube to see). The trip was epic by all accounts, with the destination decided while on the road. Dave aced a squirrel with a nut in its mouth on the drive, Rob experienced a little bit of vertigo while looking for a river on top of a mountain, and no one seemed to be able to navigate.

Climbing - Andy went to the Red with a group last weekend and was able to hit 6 crags in 2 days. Thanks to a run-in with a friend of the POC, an old POC tradition was reinstated. At the end of the day after the last climb, everyone lines up facing away from the wall and bends over as the rope is pulled. Whoever the rope hits gets to decide where dinner is being eaten that night. Neil and Logan had the first honors. Some classic moments were captured on film, in the form of a smoking Frenchman on belay. Andy landed an all-points-off dyno about 70 ft up an 11c, which regretfully Logan was unable to land.

Mandy and the gang went to Unlikely Wall by Bloomington. Eric just about tripped over the anchors, from which they repelled about 20 ft to find a sketch climb...and a walk down route. Pajo showed off his amazing strength by busting the starting hold off of a route.

Joe Kruger sent Thunder Chicken down at the Red! I take back what I said last time about his whimpy "brawk". By his account it was an easy send once he knew what gear he wanted to place.



- Kayaking movies at Rob's! Not sure when though...

- POC Christmas themed dinner next week hosted by Mandy! Look for an email soon.



to our new officers, congrats!

to Joe Kruger for sending Thunder've redeemed yourself.

to Pajo for hulking out on the wall. Now that we all know you're a beast, leave the rock on the wall next time :-)

to the random old POC friend at the Red for bringing back an old tradition. Go figure it involves bending over.



to Dave's t-shirt guys. Where is my club shirt???

to Laurent - don't they teach you in France that cigs give you cancer?!

to Rob - rivers are usually DOWN the hill, remember that next time :-)


That's all, folks. Send me an email with any questions!



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