POC Newsletter 11/12/09

If you didn't notice, I never got last weeks newsletter out. So here's an extra special edition of the newsletter, enjoy.


- The Lead Clinic is this Weekend! If you have been climbing consistently this semester and are interested in learning to lead climb, this is your chance. The clinic is this Sunday, starting about 9 am at towers. You should definitely plan on coming if you're climbing solid 5.9's consistently and want to start adding another element of excitement to your climbing. If you have any questions about whether or not you should attend, talk to Andy or one of the climbing consultants. Bring a couple bucks to chip in for pizza!

- The semesterly Lock In is officially Saturday, December 5. If you've never heard of the Lock-In, let me assure you that you want to be there. We will rent out the gym at Towers ALL NIGHT for our shenanigans. We will climb, boulder, eat pizza, have a crate stacking competition, a bouldering battle, as well as the classic caterpillar wrestling. The cost is $10 per person, and that includes pizza. Everyone is welcome, climbers and kayakers alike.



Part 1:

- Pajo - went mountain biking for the first time, succeeded in mangling his bike (does this always happen to the mountain bikers?). He "ate it big" and flipped over the handle bars hard enough to bend the rim so that it wouldn't spin through the forks. The group was successfully able to straighten the rim, but fear not, Pajo promptly crashed hard enough to split the rim completely in half.

- Randy - went to Dallas Rocks in Texas, reports it as one of the best gyms in the US. Santiago will back him up, so it must be legit.

- Andy - went to the Red with a big group. It was a little cold, but everyone got in tons of routes. Andy got extra ambitious and mistakenly tried to climb a 12d/13a. Whoah there! Joe's trad faction of the group went for a climb on Thunder Chicken, but the requisite "BRAWK" from the climbers ended up being kind of whimpy due to the marathon nature of the climb. Yours truly got his first "real" trad lead in on the beautiful Sunday morning with Arachnid, an "uber classic" 5.8 at Tower Rock.

- Trevor - led a 12 mile backpacking trip to Morgan Monroe in southern Indiana. The highlight was the crazy SOB doing a marathon on the same trail...with no shoes! One of the members pulled a classic mistake and forgot to check his tent before leaving. Doesn't it stink when you go to set it up and are missing 2 tent poles? Lastly, they enjoyed the company of some politically correct, hummus enjoying, non-drinking rednecks.

- Donnie & Logan - went to Jackson Falls to climb. It was fun and different from the Red, with lots of condensed climbs with close camping. Logan led a 70 foot 5.9...with 3 bolts. Come to find out afterwards that it's actually a mixed route. I think they call that run-out. Also successfully spread the Man Virus. Symptoms include coughing and your eyes hurting when you look around. 

- Rob - went kayaking with a group, did some filming and avoided having to bushwhack 5 miles.

- Graham - went to the gym. It was "_______"!


Part 2:

- Logan - went to Jackson Falls again and got a lot of good climbing in. The weather was awesome and the beginners did very well. 

- Andy - went down to the Red again, hit 3 krags the first day, 1 on Sunday, for a total of 3 brand new krags. Got on lots of hard stuff, found some man eating mud holes, and got to stay at Joe Kruger's apartment for lack of a tent. Steffen had his first encounter with the "American Cougar" as well. Joe B went as well, and after encountering car troubles, was ready to hitch hike all the way down to Kentucky. Andy ruined all of his fun though by picking him up. 

- Mandy - went to the post office!

- Ok there was more to the last one...she mailed 2 packages of goodies to our friend Chris in Afghanistan, a former POCer and now an American soldier. Thanks for all of the donations!

- A couple of our members did the Bucket 100, a 2 day bike ride from here to Bloomington. After seeing a deer being eaten by 2 dogs, they got stranded at the IU dorms watching their TV until they could get a ride back.

- Brad - went down to Kentucky to do some work at a friend's 3000 acre, county-sized ranch.

- The hammocking callout went well, about 5 hammocks were set up with 7-8 people occupying all of them. The tallest setup was about 20 ft. 


Paul - wants to go to the gym and he's pissed! He wants to got effing climbing! (actually I think that was today...hope he made it!)

Rugby on Saturday! The POC Rugby Union is holding a casual game of Rugby on the intramural fields (or somewhere close depending on tailgating activities) Saturday around 2pm. Come ready to play! Last time we had a great turnout and a fantastic time.


to Steffen, for luring the elusive Cougar - careful, they bite ;-)

to Pajo, for making sure none of the Bikes that go on club outings make it back in tact.

to all of our new Hammockers, congratulations on introducing a new sport to the club!

to me (ok, I had to do it once) for my first real trad lead. woo!


to Brad, for attracting every shoeless person in the world. Seriously, you're like a magnet!

to the Thunder Chicken climbers, for your whimpy "BRAWK". We can't have everyone thinking the POC is going soft now, can we? 

I think that's it for this week (or the last 3 weeks I guess), let me know if you have any questions!




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