POC Newsletter 10/20/09


- The Climbing Lock-in will be during dead week! That's 2 weeks before the end of the semester. It's always a great time and everyone is welcome...even if you are one of those "kayakers". Look for more details coming up.

- Bi-annual Club Picnic - Kaylin and Kelly took the plunge and are hosting the picnic tentatively next Tuesday at their place, 345 S. Grant St. Make sure you bring something tasty!

- Lead Climbing Clinic - if you are consistently top-roping 5.9 grade routes at the gym and are interested in learning to lead, the lead clinic is your first step in being able to lead. It's looking like it will be November 14th at Towers. If you are in doubt as to weather you should be coming, talk to a consultant.

- Driving rules have changed. You now must be an approved driver to be allowed to drive on official club trips. To Co-Rec is going all FBI on us and is doing background checks on drivers. should be worried if you have 2 or more moving violations in the last 3 years, more than 1 at fault car accident, or any drug/alcohol related violation in the last year. 

- Dorm dinners - we're bringing back the old tradition. Starting in 2 Tuesdays, dinner will happen before the meeting, probably at Wiley.


- Joe Bledsoe - went to the Red for a weekend of trad. The highlight was leading a 120ft route that took him 2 HOURS. God help his belayer, that's some serious commitment.

- Graham, Samm, Greg, and others - went to ROCKtoberfest at the Red. 6 people went down for the 5 days of shenanigans that helped fundraise for the Red River Climber's Coalition. Free gear and t-shirts abounded, including Samm's new hat which reportedly killed 2 small children. Climbing highlights were Graham's bat hang on an 11a, and Samm's new badassery - she led everything, including sending a 10b!

- Graham - probably went to the gym, somewhere, somehow. As usual it was probably an exceptional time.

- POCtoberfest - there was great turnout for the weekend and a lot of new experiences for people. Thanks to everyone for making it a fun and successful trip!

* Andy - didn't get lost and did some hiking around some old abandoned mines. He went kayaking for the first time, did 2 combat rolls, and needed his life saved 6 times. He also climbed at Summersville Lake, which has some of the best climbing scenery around.

*Randy - climbed with Mark and Pat, climbed a 20' boulder and a bolted 10a on top of the New River Valley area. For those looking for a view, this is one of the best, with a great view of the gorge.

*Connie Lee - a seasoned road biker, went mountain biking for the first time and was introduced to the idea of sticks, rocks, and cliffs. Ankur flipped onto his back off of a 2 ft jump, which he immediately wanted to repeat for the sake of a photo. He did indeed repeat it, landing a perfect backflop...again. There's video of this somewhere, which made it all worth it.


- Red River Gorge - Andy is leading a trip for beginners down to the Red this weekend with some of the coolest people on the planet. Email Andy if you are interested! Cars will be leaving around 5:00 on Friday and will be returning Sunday 

- Jackson Falls, Southern IL - Logan and Donnie are leading a trip this weekend as well, this one will be for more experienced climbers. If all goes well, a zipline off the waterfall is in the works. The cars will be stopping at Logan's Family's place on the way down for some food. 

- Backpacking - if anyone is interested in learning about backpacking, contact Graham and he will teach the basics of reading a map, packing a bag, making a stove, and more. This will likely take place in the Horticulture Park on campus. 

- Kayakers - going to Tennessee this weekend. This is a closed trip...make sure you go to roll sessions if you want to get more involved with Kayaking. 

- Mountain Bikers - an intermediate trip will be going to Brown County Friday and Saturday.

- Brad Thomas/Grylls - Contact him about a backpacking trip this weekend to Southern Indiana, probably 3-4 hours away. The trip would be leaving Friday around 5-6 with 2 drivers.

- POCAR - team registration is in the 1st or 2nd week of December - there is going to be a group going to the orienteering meet this week. Tyler is looking to run an orienteering clinic this fall, look for details. If you aren't running, you should consider volunteering. It's a lot of fun, and you don't have to freeze your butt off. If you are looking for a team there will be a message board going up soon to help facilitate team coordination.


to Joe's belayer this weekend - that was a marathon of a belay.

to Ankur - for perfecting the mountain bike backflop, and getting video to show for it. Keep the shiny side up :-)

to Samm - for dispelling any doubts that she is a climbing badass.



to whoever made Samm's child-killing hat. Samm, I think your hat might be defective.

That's it for this week! Let me know if you have any questions!




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