POC Newsletter 9/29/09

I've been slacking on the job...sorry for the late newsletter. Enjoy!



- POCtoberfest is coming up! October break is NEXT WEEKEND, so it's time to get serious.

- Bring CASH - about $100 should be good.

- Credit isn't a bad idea either.

- Have 1 DAY'S WORTH OF FOOD with you, there is a Walmart nearby where you can buy food for the rest of the weekend. Pizza will be supplied Saturday night.

- Equipment for the sports (harnesses, ropes, kayaks, etc) will be supplied at the site by the consultants, so don't worry about checking out sports gear.

- However, personal gear is NOT supplied, so be sure to check out anything you need after the weekend (sleeping bags, tents, etc).

- There will be a ride signup going out in an email soon, look for that so you can get a spot in a car.

- If you want to drive, go to the drivers meeting TODAY at 4:00 in front of the Co-Rec welcome center. If you don't go to the meeting, you won't be able to drive.

- Shirts will be sold for $8 on the trip, so bring cash to pay Mandy if you want one.

- More details should be going out in the near future, look for emails.

- Mandy is designing our apparel, so talk to her if you have any ideas for club shirt designs. All are welcome!

- Emails - PLEASE don't "reply all" to every email that goes out. It is flooding inboxes and scaring people out of the club. Personally I think they are wusses, but we have to be friendly to all. If you have something to say that pertains to the whole club, great, but if you are trying to work out details for rides to the gym, DON'T EMAIL EVERYONE. Thanks :-)


- Mountain biking callout - 15 people showed up this weekend and chalked up 4 flat tires (two of which were on one bike) and a busted brand new bike. Overall the trip went well and no one got hurt "too bad".

- Backpacking callout - Had a great time hiking, swimming, and camping in Hoosier National's Dean Wilderness.

- Caving callout - Made it to the low air spaces of Donahue cave. The highlight of the trip was seeing a Best of all is that no one got hurt or lost...clearly they left Logan behind.

- Hiking in Happy Hollow - Brad's spur of the moment idea on Sunday. The one person who responded to his email...didn't bring shoes. Ironically, Brad was the one who hurt his ankle.

- Graham went to the gym - it was an "especially fun" trip. He got some new pants too.


- POCtoberfest - it's almost here!

- Beginner Climbing Callout - any beginners who want to go to the Red for the first time, talk to Logan. They will be leaving Friday after classes and returning Sunday. As a reminder, you must have climbed indoors with an experienced POC member before you can climb outside with us.

- Muskatatuk - Andy wants to lead a trip soon to Muskatatuk. Maybe Saturday, but probably not.

- Roll sessions in the Aquatic Center dive well, Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9:30.

- Climbing trips will be going to Towers all weekend, look for an email if you are interested.


to the guy who hulked out on the new club bike - busting off a pedal after 400 yards? That's power.

to everyone who doesn't "reply all" to the mailing list - thanks!

to the guy who didn't bring shoes to a hiking outing - he's tough as nails.


to the guy who popped both tires on his mountain bike - you're supposed to AVOID the sharp things.

That's all for this week, let me know if there are any questions.




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