POC Newsletter 9/15/09

Again, welcome new members! It was great to see so many new faces at the meeting last night. I hope you all come out to some events, there's plenty to choose from. Here's the news for the week...


 - Paul Robinson is speaking tonight! "POC Presents Paul Robinson" is at 7pm tonight in CL50, be there to hear Paul's story about being the first Purdue Alum to summit Mt. Everest. Sorry, he wasn't really the first man ever to summit. Dave just got excited.

- If you haven't signed a waiver or paid dues, you have to do so before you can participate in club activities! Dues are only $25 for a WHOLE YEAR!

- POCtoberfest - For those of you who are unfamiliar, the fest is our annual celebration of everything POC. We will be taking 100 people down to the New River Gorge/Summersville Lake area in WV over October break (Oct 9-13). Beginner trips for every sport will be going out every day, as well as other activities like visiting the ACE waterpark. The cost will be $30 to cover camping, dinner on Sunday, and gas for club vehicles. There are 100 slots, of which all are currently taken. Payment is due by SEPTEMBER 29 if you have signed up, otherwise you will get bumped from the list.Also, you must have paid club dues and turned in a waiver. Remember to talk to a gear officer or consultant if you have questions about what gear you need or can check out. Look for a more detailed POCtober Fest email sometime soon. Link to register:

- Drivers meeting - Tuesday 9/22 6pm (before the club meeting) for everyone planning on driving or being an alternate driver for POCtoberfest. Even if you aren't sure, there's no harm in showing up. Bring as much ID as you can, e.g. license, insurance, registration, alien card, your yo-yo club membership card, etc 

- Girls Climbing Callout - the POC girls will be heading to the Red this weekend for a guy-free climbing outing. If you are a girl new to the club and want to get into climbing, contact Emily or Mandy for details. They will be able to help you get set up with the right gear as well. Since the guys are all out of the loop on this one, all I know is that the leaders are planning on leaving around 6pm Friday and that Graham will be providing the nail polish.

- Roll Sessions - Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9:30 (except today) in the Co-Rec dive well. If you are planning on going on a kayaking trip (this includes POCtober Fest), you must have been to at least one roll session. Just show up ready to swim, the boats and gear will be supplied.

- Indoor climbing - same deal as with kayaking, if you want to climb outdoors, you must have climbed indoors with an experienced POC member. Trips go out to Climb Time Towers almost every day, just look for emails on the mailing list.

- Next meeting we will be collecting small donations for a care package that we will be sending to a former POCer who is stationed in Afghanistan right now. Please bring just a few dollars to donate if you can.

- POC stickers/window decals are available for $1 at meetings. Get them before they run out, these are the last stickers with the old logo. Everyone's going to want one when they're gone, I'm just saying...


Kaylin Duncan - went on some boring old camping trip with some guy she knows...who apparently had never been camping before. Sounds fun, right? Oh yea, AND SHE GOT ENGAGED!!! Congrats Kaylin!

Climbing callouts - this weekend had a great turnout, with TONS of new climbers coming to Climb Time. Contrary to other accounts, "we" didn't piss anyone off at the gym, it was all Randy.


Girls Climbing Callout - Talk to Mandy or Emily for details about this weekend's climbing callout for girls only. They are expecting a great turnout, so don't miss out!

Joe K - Red River Gorge, for an indefinite amount of time. Chances are if you are going to the Red, Joe will be there, training for polar bear encounters. And climbing.

Trips to the gym - Cam and Logan, as well as other climbers, will be taking groups to Climb Time throughout the week/weekend. Talk to them if you are interested in going.

Dave & the Kayakers - Gauley Fest this weekend, one of the biggest Kayak Festivals around.


to Kaylin - for taking herself off the market, congrats! We're all invited to the wedding right? 

to Brad - the guy who wants to pull some Bear Grylls S**T. Stay away from Hotels and Burger Kings.


to Randy - for pissing the whole gym off. It's always your fault, Randy.


That's it for this week, let me know if you have any questions!




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