POC Newsletter 9/8/09

Hey POCers! First I'd like to personally welcome to all of the new members, the callout had a fantastic turnout tonight. Thanks to everyone who helped make it as successful as it was. Here is the low down on new club-related business for the week.


- Flyering for the Paul "Dave" Robinson presentation will be Monday, 9/14 at 8:00pm. Look for more details from Mandy coming up. The presentation itself will be Wednesday, 9/16 at 7pm, so get ready for some Exponent exposure! Oh and in case you were worried, be assured that Paul doesn't have to tie into anything super LAME like "leadership"... 

- Climbing Callouts - For all new climbers! This weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)  there will be trips to our gym in Indianapolis that will be focused around teaching proper climbing and belaying technique. This is a great way to come and meet members and get started rock climbing! Watch for emails from climbers/consultants, and feel free to contact us for details and rides. Experienced members should come if at all possible, we need all the help.

- Roll Sessions - There are no more Friday roll sessions, they are now Monday and Wednesday from 8-9pm in the RSC dive well. Next week sessions will resume on Monday. Attending these is a must if you hope to get out on real water with the club.

- Girls Callout is coming up next weekend, September 18th and 19th. Mandy will be posting details soon.

- The Club would like to put together a care package that will be sent to Afghanistan to support some friends of the POC. If you can bring a small donation (preferably cash) to the next meeting, we can assemble a gift box to send. We're all poor college students, but a couple of bucks from everyone will make a big difference.

- Future Club meetings will take place in RSC 122a.

- No Club T-Shirts yet...but they should be coming in soon!


- Mt Massive - Eight POCers made the trip out to Colorado over the long weekend to climb the 14,000 ft peak of Mt. Massive. Six summitted, desipite exhaustion, headaches, 2 car fires, and progress made in 8 inch footsteps. Congratulations to all that went and participated!

- The Red - the climbers camped out at Pistol Ridge for the weekend. It was a pretty epic time, involving a self destructing wagon, Donnie's first trad lead, and a Take It To The Limit (TITTL) worthy fall ON AN ALIEN by Joe. Apparently Neil and Isaac have a secret story, so feel free to ask them about it.

- Graham - went to the gym again this weekend. It was a "rad time".

- Ocoee River - the Kayakers made a trip to the heavily flowing Ocoee River. The 150% normal flow rate ate Dave's boat, a great loss. Our hearts go out to Dave. Karri apparently really liked the trip, she says they "got in deep & got real wet". Thanks Kerri.


- Climbing callouts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Climb Time Towers in Indy. Details to come soon.

- Flatwater Kayaking trip - September 12th - talk to Brad if interested.

- Women's Climbing Callout - September 18th - Emily. This is a great opportunity for our female members to experience outdoor climbing in a relaxed environment. Judging by the callout, this has the potential to have a good turnout.

- Possible trip to the Red this weekend - talk to Andy or Greg if interested.


to the Mt. Massive group - great accomplishment!

to Donnie - for his first trad lead.

to Dave - for surfing a half sunk boat.

to everyone with Swine Flu - go unplanned vacation!


to the kid whose car was on fire - I hope his parents know how to put out fires.

to whoever made that wagon - enough said.

That's it for now, if you have any questions, feel free to write it up in a Canadian dialect and shoot me an email.




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