Newsletter 9/1/09 - New Secratorial Debut

Hi Everyone,

This is my first newsletter as POC Secretary. As past secretaries have done, I'll keep everyone up-to-date on meeting highlights and important events to look out for.


- CALLOUT! The POC callout is Wednesday, September 9th, at 8:00pm in WTHR 200. Everyone should be there to rep the club. Speaking of repping, there will be a "Most Hardcore" gear outfit contest at the callout. To participate, dress as RIDICULOUSLY as you can in POC-related gear all day Wednesday and we will have an applause contest at the callout. Any gear that you would like to use will be available for checkout after the Tuesday meeting, providing it isn't needed for a trip. The prize for the winner? A free POC t-shirt and a hug from Samm (estimated value of over $100,000 - trust me, you want it). Remember, the goal is to hand out flyers to every person who looks at you.

- FREE PIZZA! Now that I have your attention, campus flyering will happen Wednesday night of this week, starting at 8:30pm beneath the bell tower. Bring sidewalk chalk or dry erase markers if you can. And yes, pizza will be provided.

- Flyer handouts will be next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Look for more info and a GoogleDocs signup from Mandy in the near future.

- There is a Facebook group for the callout, which everyone should invite all of their friends to. The more visibility we have, the more potential POCers we might attract. At 1393 invited and counting, we are putting up some good numbers. Keep it up.

- Dave Robinson, the first Purdue Alum to ever climb Mount Everest, will be giving a talk on September 16th, presented by the POC. Look for more details coming up, this will be a great opportunity to hear from a guy who enjoys one of the most extreme forms of outing.

- POCtoberfest is coming up! For those of you who are new to the idea, the fest is our "annual" weekend-long outdoor celebration of all things POC. It occurs over October break (Oct 9-12) in West Virginia, and will feature daily outings of each of our POC sports. Just remember to climb indoors or go roll sessions beforehand in order to participate. Tentative cost will be $30, plus food and gas. Be sure to play nice :-)

- If you are planning on driving to POCtoberfest, there is a mandatory drivers meeting at 6:00pm, Tuesday September 22nd, before the club meeting. You must have attended this if you plan on being able to drive.

- Membership fees are due ($25 for the whole year) for all members whose membership has expired (1 year from the last time you paid). Talk to Kelly if you are unsure if you are current.

- Club sport waivers must be turned into an officer (preferably Charles) participate in club activities. Please, officers only should be collecting dues and forms.

- Future Club meetings will be moved to the Co-Rec as soon as the prez can con the Co-Rec into giving us the room back.

- New shirts should be coming in before the callout, at a cost of $10 apiece. Don't worry those of you who put in your time last semester for a free shirt, the list still exists (somewhere) and you will get your shirt.


- Graham - went to the gym. Reported it was "sweet".

- Nick & Joe B - Red Rocks I mean Red River Gorge. Apparently one of the most epic belays ever, with a blind, ant infested, and back prone position involved. Also Nick's first trad lead and Joe's first lead of the Underling. Successful deployment of the no-handed bat-hang rest resulted.

- Joe B, Wai-Chak, Ryan, and Kelly - Wai-Chack's first caving outing. He loved it so much that he's running for caving consultant and looking to lead advanced trips very soon. Ask him for details.

Andy - Climbed all over the East Coast, at places like the Gunks, the Adirondacks, and Mt. Romney. Andy is now a trad leader and speaks fluent Hawaiian.


- Advanced kayaking trip this weekend - Rob. RIP Tyler's face.

- Mt. Massive/Colorado trip this weekend - Nick. 36 hours of car rides and a 2:30am wake up call for a 14,000 ft ascent. Very honestly a fantastic accomplishment for all of those who participate.

- Red River climbing trip this weekend. There are plenty of people/rides going, so feel free to jump on, as long as you have had experience climbing indoors with the club before. Word has it that camping may not be at Miguels (is Pajo going?)

- Caving trip this weekend, talk to Andrew if interested.

- Flatwater Kayaking trip - September 12th - Brad.

- Women's Climbing Callout - September 18th - Emily. This is a great opportunity for our female members to experience outdoor climbing in a relaxed environment. Our club enrollment is at 27% female and climbing. More details soon.

 And now, for a new special recognition section:



to Nick - for his first trad lead.

to Joe B - for pulling off the inverted no-handed bat-hang rest.

to Wai-Chak - for loving caving so much.


to Nick - for the most WTF belay ever.

That's all for this week, I hope that everyone takes the above in good humor. If anyone objects, please (kindly) let me know so that I can correct my mistake. If you have any questions, feel free to write it up sdrawkcab (that's backwards) and shoot me an email.




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