Newsletter Classic 1/9/1979

"Shreve Jumper" is still under lock and key.. 

Teton's trips and skiing trips occured every Christmas break around this period in POC history.  It is recorded that "all seemed to have a good time" at the Teton's even when the weather didn't cooperate with their goals.

From the archives...


Tuesday January 9, 1979

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Henry Wheeler.  Due to a semester sabbatical taken by Pres. John Harrel, the proper procedure for appointing a new president is being looked into.

New Business:

It was unanimously voted to renew our subscription to "Summit".  Bill received a letter from Joan and Doug Radant asking if anyone might be interested in a trip to the Bugaboos.

Trip Reports:

Henry told about the "chilly" (-60) Teton's trip, where they apparently spent a good bit of the time warming up at the Mangy Moose and barbecuing trucks over a charcoal fires.  Sometime in there they did manage to do a little skiing and during a heat wave (-20) they climbed the South but kept falling off rocks because of a very strong wind.

A skiing trip to Canada was reported by Jim Putnam.  They had several educational and enlightening experiences.  For instance: the fish in Lake Superior can't be eaten because they are full of mercury, there is a $28 fine for not wearing a seatbelt in Ontario, and Mark Truax wears funny underwear.

At a bonfire held at Jim Bauer's it was discovered that Pete is definitely not shy.

Trips Out:

Next two weekends: ice climbing Sun. meet 9:00 at Slater

skiing if anyone is interested

Interest sheet was put out for a trip to see Truax's cadaver


Respectfully Submitted,

Janet Clay, Secretary


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