Summer Newsletter 7/15/09

POC News is back in business!  Sorry to all those that missed us.


We all had long and wonderful conversations, about a wide variety of topics (including Wisconsin), but no new trips are going out. Allow me to rehash old news...


Bouldering at Graham's place! Call him at (630-632-6862)


Roll Session time change: Monday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in the diving well.  Beginners are encouraged to come try it out, be sure to sign a liability waiver first!


Lots of trail building going on this weekend and in weeks to come.  Stay updated here:

==Brad's hungry, shiny, wet & wild, ascending, abnormal, bouncy, bio-inspired, annoying corner of weird stuff==

What's never easy is determining how much food to bring with me on my next adventure, how to carry it, prepare it, etc.

Of course it helps that I don't burn 14,000 calories a day on my trips, unlike UltramarathonMan Dean Karnazes.  His support crew logged 28,000 calories of junk food consumed in 46 hours during a 200 mile run (yes, two hundred miles).

He claims that in order to consume this level of calories, it is absolutely necessary to eat pure junk food.  I guess the lesson is, junk food saves space in your pack and in your belly on your high calorie consuming adventures.


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