Summer Newsletter 6/9/09


*  There are new routes being added weekly at Towers, so come climb!!!

*  Charles is going to Towers Wednesday.  He will leave from behind the Co-Rec at or around 5pm, let him know if you can't make it by 5:00

*  Wai-Chak is leading a trip to the Red Friday through Sunday

*  Kaylin is going to the Red Sunday through Tuesday.

*  Graham is rebuilding most of the wall in his apartment.



*  Roll Sessions are happening every Monday from 5pm to 7pm.  Come play with us in the pool!

*  Look for beginner friendly trips to the East Race in the weeks to come.  Safest whitewater in the world, and it's in South Bend!!!


*  Grant is leading rides later in the week depending on the weather.  Thursday and this weekend are possibilities.

*  McCormick Woods is now completely open for riding!!!


* Mark Endo is leading rides.  Contact him for details.

==Brad's abnormal, bouncy, bio-inspired, annoying corner of weird stuff==

You.  You're the subject of this week's corner, because frankly you're weird.

Patch Adam's Clown Troupe in Italy, along with other organizations, have been screening pedestrians for the past few years.  They're testing these street walkers for normality.

The results?  They have yet to find a single normal person.

They're calling themselves the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment, an organization Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called for at least a dozen times during his life.


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