[POC] Newsletter 7/28/09 (New & Improved!!!)


We talked, then it was declared that something was Brad's fault, then we talked, then it was declared that something else was Brad's fault...


Brad (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) hopes to ride Thursday if the trails dry out.


Everyone is going to the Red this weekend!  OK well not everyone, but apparently that's why so much gear is checked out.  Try Logan (812-483-2665), Isaac, or Nick (765-586-5779)

Bouldering at Graham's place! Call him at (630-632-6862)


Roll Session time change: Monday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in the diving well.  Beginners are encouraged to come try it out, be sure to sign a liability waiver first!


MEETING NOTES OF YORE!!! (from the club archives March 26th, 1974)

Election of officers was held.  The results were:

Tom Reeves; President
Dan Burgette; Vice-President in charge of trips
Bill Rollins; Vice-president in charge of programs
Roger Spaulding; Secretary
Abbie Griffins; Treasurer
Bob Doran; Club idiot

(Note; to receive this glorious honor Bob performed such daring feats as diving onto a clothesline during a party and pulling off the sideboards of the house it was attached to, losing Buckner's Cave, going skinny dipping at Devil's Lake in Mid-November, and purchasing a Triumph chopper (a basket case no less) when he had never ridden a motorcycle before.)

Bob Cervelli; Keeper of the sock

==Brad's super, brave, hungry, shiny, wet & wild, ascending, abnormal, bouncy, bio-inspired, annoying corner of weird stuff==

If you don't know and love DARPA, I'll give you a few reasons why you should.  They're the folks that brought us the Intergalactic Computer Network (now known as the Internet), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), NASA, and Extra Sensory Perception (OK well at least they tried).

We use at least two of these to organize and run POCAR (anyone psychic?).  And currently they're working on a few more projects that may one day help us compete in POCAR...

Continuous Assisted Performance:

"Eliminating the need for sleep, while maintaining the high level of both cognitive and physical performance..."

Metabolically Dominant Soldier:

"A metabolically dominant soldier has strength and and endurance that just doesn't quit.  The Energy Bunny in fatiques, keeps going and going."


And my favorite, The Human Exoskeleton (think IronMan, or watch the videos)


*All quotes are cited from the book "Radical Evolution" by Joel Garreau.  Broadway Books, New York.  2005.


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