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Dear loyal reader, 

Here at POC News we strive to create an enjoyable and quality reading experience. We also strive to report news that is reliable and useful, however mistakes do happen.

On May 31st, POC News received a communication that McCormick Woods is "now completely open for riding."  One of our readers has since reported that this information is incomplete and therefore misleading:

"POC News,

The message was referring to work being done to finish trail and culvert construction.  Even though that is now done the trail condition and rideability will remain a separate issue, depending primarily on weather.  McCormicks is very slow to dry, much slower than Murdock in Lafayette, which is probably rideable.

McCormicks is only open when it has dried out, which isn't often, but it's important to be patient.  The current riding is only going to cause problems between the managers of the property (Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources) and bikers. Please don't encourage bikers to ride when the trails are wet." 

In summary; don't ride the trails if they are wet and muddy, because you'll tear them up and cause problems.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Editor in Chief

On a completely unrelated note, our Fact Checker has been demoted to the mail room.  We are now accepting applications for the following positions:



Job Tasks:  Screen the newsletter for B.S.



Job Tasks:  Report news from a specific sport or subject matter.


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