POC Newsletter for 4.14.09-4.20.09 AND ELECTION RESULTS!!!!!!!!

Club Business:

We’re back in RSC 122a for the rest of the semester!  Gear is on its way back to its original gear closet in the co-rec.

Talk to Mandy Paglis about “Operation Dave” if you have ideas or want to participate…it’s going to be a blast!


If you are writing an article PLEASE sign up on the Google Docs list to I (and others) can see what you plan to write!!

My list of volunteers are Mandy (I will send you an e-mail), Nick Orduz (editing), and Samm Reiger (editing/organizing club history info).

Andy and Endo, I know that you both volunteered, but I managed to lose the e-mail w/ your availability on them. Could you both send me the e-mail again???

I know others volunteered, but I can’t remember who… could you all send me another e-mail and let me know your availability the Wednesday after dead week?


Kayaking roll sessions will be back in the pool this week and for the rest of the semester: Wednesday 8-9:30 and Friday 7-8:30


Randy Hart is taking people to Climb Time Indy on Friday. Contact him if you would like to go.

If you are intrested in a trad clinic, Joe Bledsoe and maybe Logan Barteck are taking people to the Red this weekend. You must be comfortable leading already and have read some book. Talk to Joe Bledsoe for more information.

Andy and Graham are going to the Red as well to climb sport. Contact Andy if you would like to go. 

POC Elections 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(in order of votes)

President:  Andy Consantino

Vice President: Mandy Paglis

Treasurer: Charles Bellville

Newsletter: Brad Lohmeyer

Health and Safety: Randy Hart and Kaylin Duncan

Climbing: Emily Sigg and Logan Barteck

Kayaking: Rob Shingleton and Kate Hanus

Backpacking: Graham Johnson and Tyler Hall

Caving: Andrew Furrow, Jason Brelage (Fall), Logan Barteck (Spring)

Mtn. Biking: Grant Davis and Trevor Thompson

POCAR Coordinator: Tyler Hall

POCAR Promotions: Sam Reiger

POCAR Admissions: Nick Fico and Charles Bellville

POCAR Volunteer: Kyle Herwig

Gear Guy/Gals: Kelly Redmond (Leader), Sam Reiger, Pajo Gazibara

Advisors: John Patterson and Lev Gorenstein

Web Master: Mike Sandercock

Congrats to all and I hope next year goes as well as this past year!


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