POC Newsletter 4.7.09-4.13.09

Club Business-  Elections: nominations are posted. Here are the links:

To Nominate:

To View Nominations:

The elections will be held next Tuesday on the 14th back in the normal room (RSC122a). Hopefully Jimmy John’s will be there. If you can’t be there, send an e-mail to Dave Nelson telling him why you and what your votes are BEFORE the election time.

If you don’t want to be nominated for a particular position and notice that you already have been. Contact Dave Nelson.

The gear closet will be back open next week.

The club picnic will be Tuesday during dead week. Free food, free drinks, bring a side. Location and exact time is unknown. Look for updates on the mailing list.

There is a volleyball tourney coming up. Teams of 4-7 ppl. $25ish per team. There will be prizes. Contact Randy Hart.

Roll sessions will be open next Wednesday! I know there’s still swim suits, fleeces and other crap at Dave’s house still from spring break. It’s currently getting moldy and even more disgusting b/c Dave is a lazy kayaker and won’t do anything w/ it. Please pick it up.

There will be a TRAD clinic held the 18th and 19th. This will only be open to climbers who have been successfully leading sport. You are required to read climbing anchors 2nd edition (or something like that). I think there was an e-mail just sent out that this particular clinic was full, but if you’re still interested, contact Joe Bledsoe

Jackson Falls climbing this wekend. Climbing hard on Friday and Sat.-Sun. are welcome to beginners. Contact Andy Costantino.

Pat Maranin is leaving Friday for either Jackson Falls or the Red… he doesn’t know yet.

Joe Kruger is going to the Red this weekend for the Red reunion. Contact him if you’re interested.


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