POC Newsletter 3/31/09

Club Business

The meeting will be held in Room PHYS 203 next week then back in RSC122c and full access to gear closet, etc. the following week.

Nominations for elections are now open. All nominations will be anonymous on a Google Docs page.

Nominations will then be posted and people can object after that. There will be Jimmy Johns served @ the elections meeting, so even if you don't care, show up to eat.

Wai Chak is making a new promo video for the club. There's a special shot he would like people to take. Talk to him about all of the details if you're interested in helping out. The basics: Walk camera from left to right, make it about 10seconds long, have people facing away from the camera looking @ something symbolic to your sport.

Help w/ inventory party tonight if you have free time. It starts NOW over @ Joe Kruger's! FREE PIZZA!

Photos from this evening will be posted to POCBook. I think Andy will set up some way to vote, maybe a Google Docs page???

Does anyone have any suggestions for a pool location for kayaking roll sessions???? If you do, contact Dave Nelson. 

Beginner trip to the Red this weekend. Contact Andy Constanino

Kate Sipla, we heard about your accident. we all send our love. hope you feel better soon!!!

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