POC Newsletter Feb. 10 - Feb. 16

Climbing - First trips to red after spring break. There's a trip down to the gym (Towers) Sat and Sun for beginners. Look out for e-mails... Even if you've climbed somewhere else b/f you MUST go with the club at least once to Towers. Contact Andy Constantino or Joe Bledsoe for that trip or look out for others going out throughout the week.

Caving - NO experience required. Caving callout this weekend Saturday or Sunday contact Logan Bartek.

Mtn Biking - Spring is bad, but we'll have skills clinics. Look out for e-mails. We now have 2 bikes available for people who don't have them.

Kayaking - Roll session this week 8-9:30 Wednesday and 7-8:30 Friday. Beginners welcome.

Ice Climbing - Possibly going out this weekend. Keep an eye out for e-mails.

Club News - There was a meeting w/ the CoRec recently concerning renovations. A 60ft climbing wall w/ 5-10 routes and 1000 linear ft. bouldering wall are guaranteed in the plans! The CoRec people are very interested in club for teaching, setting rtes, giving us our own time at the wall, etc. GOOD NEWS!!!

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