POC Newsletter 1.27.09 - 2.3.09

Thanks Mandy for taking notes!!!!

CALL OUT - WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!!!! The call out is: Callout: Wednesday February 4th 8pm in WTHR 200 Flyering Friday, Monday, Tuesday...two hours = 1 free t-shirt there (10-5) since there will be a kayak and table there MUST be someone there at ALL times.
Here's more info and the sign up list times:
We will have a table with the kayak and maybe a tent outside of CL50 on 1/30, 2/2, and 2/3.
Here are the links to sign up for an hour. Form to sign up:
To view the sheet of who has signed up for when: <> &hl=en

The sweet part of this deal is that if you sign up AND SHOW UP to two hours of flyering you get the Spring '09 club shirt FREE!

Most extreme dressed competition, we will check you out almost any gear for you to wear on the day of the callout to pass out flyers, MUST wear it all day and wear it to the callout.

The prize is $50 worth of gear of your choice.

Climbing - Climbing comp Feb 7th $20 to join contact Andy Constantino Ice climbing this weekend, and maybe next weekend..e-mail Joe k and beginners are welcome Reminder that the lock-in is Feb 21st. 80 people max, only members to the POC can sign up right now so you must have your waiver signed. Andy will re-send out the sign up sheet.

Kayaking - Roll session tonight 8-9:30 in the dive well of the corec. Beginners welcome and the following are expected: Ehsan, John, Wai-Chak, sexy Tomas, and Paul Lulius.
Friday night's roll session has been canceled due to some swim meet or something.

First Aid - If you trained for First Aid take your CPR card to the front desk (Club Sports) and they will make a copy of it.
We need two of three people to do this.

Other stuff - Also this is a last call for POCAR reimbursement. Get the receipts to Charles. POCAR checks are going to be cashed this week. The following people need to see Charles ASAP about their waiver form!!!

If you are caught without having signed a waiver or have missing information on a waiver and are participating in club events, the club could face serious repercussions!

Brian Bailey
John Brunner
Mark Endo
Joseph Fihe
Donnie Goepper
Robert Meikle
Justin Schmal
Travis Sippel
Trevor Thompson
Benjamin Warman
Asa Wood
Heidi Trapp

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