POC Newsletter 1.20.09 - 1.26.09

POCAR - Thank you to everyone who raced and volunteered. We had another great highly profitable POCAR! The unofficial story is that 8 teams finished, but the final results will be posted soon. 

E-mail Dave with any great pics from the event. We need them for the Exponent, Call Out, future POCAR memories, etc. 

Also, if there were any great moments you would like to write about and include in the yearly newsletter, please submit them to me! 

CALL OUT!!!! -   It's that time of year again!!!! Our call out is Feb. 4th at 8:00pm in WTHR 200. We have a number of events planned that we need as much help on as possible!!! 

Flyering - We will have our club meeting ON CAMPUS next week!!! The meeting will be followed by a flyering race where the winners will receive a FREE DINNER!!!! 

POC Table - Friday, Monday, and Tuesday prior to the call out, we will be handing out flyers at our POC table! We need LOTS of volunteers for this one!!!! Kyle and Mandy are planning on sending out a google docs page for volunteer sign up times. Please be on the lookout for this e-mail! 

Best Dressed Comp. - Wednesday, Feb. 4th (for those paying attention, this is the day of the call out) we will be having our "best dressed" competition again!!! The winner will receive $50 worth of FREE gear!!!!! You WILL have to wear your outfit ALL day and check in with Kyle Herwig. more details will be posted soon!

Joe Bledsoe has unknowingly volunteered to show us his awesome trad dance moves at the callout!!!!

SPRING BREAK - Start saving NOW!!! 

  • Climbers - Intermediate - Advanced trip is heading out to the Red Rocks.  Estimated cost: $200-$300 total. Talk to Andy Constantino if you're interested. 
  • Kayakers - Somewhere in the South East is where we're going to be. Supposedly, there's going to be a cabin involved. We'll see how organized this trip actually gets. Estimated cost: $200-$300. Talk to Rob Shingelton if you're interested. 

ICE CLIMBING - Starved Rock in Illinois is NOW OPEN!!! Be on the lookout for outgoing trips!!!

CLIMBING -  Be on the lookout for daily trips. I think Andy is planning on going down today.beginners are welcome! 

KAYAKING - Roll sessions have just started!! Wednesdays 8-9:30 and 7-8:30.
Meet in the dive well in the CoRec pool. Beginners welcome - just have to know how to swim, kind of. 

T-SHIRTS - We are working on the new 2009 t-shirts! Right now, we are planning on doing a design with club lingo on it, but we need your help!

Soon, I or Kate Hanus will post a google docs page for everyone to contribute their favorite lingo from their sport. Please be on the lookout for this e-mail so that you can have input on what lingo goes on the shirt!

By the way, if you want a 2008 t-shirt (or we owe you one) contact Dave. If we owe you one, but you would just prefer a new one, contact Dave. 

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