POC NEWSLETTER 1.13.09-1.19.09


  • Race starts @ 12 on Saturday with a pre-race meeting earlier.
  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • It'll be a BLAST!!!! We'll have LARGE fires, I'm sure you'll all come up w/ some classic stupid games, 5-6 CARPOOLING cars WILL get their gas PAID, etc!!!! There will be an indoor shelter (we're hoping w/ electricity - Tyler, can you confirm this?) Tyler needs a few people to help out Friday night, and we need lots of help Sat and Sun night. PLEASE sign up on the
  • Google Docs page:
  • List of stuff to bring:       
  • LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS - no cotton (esp. for the racers!) 
  • Folding Chairs (Volunteers) 
  • What NOT to bring:       
  • ALCOHOL/DRUGS etc. You know, the normal stuff. Not only is this a Purdue sponsored event, but having this stuff would be VERY dangerous to consume in the extreme weather we anticipate being in! THIS IS NOT A NORMAL EVENT - SERIOUSLY - LEAVE IT AT HOME! 

ELECTIONS: Please congratulate the following members on their newly elected roles in the club: ( I apologize if I miss spell your name)  

  • Charles Bellville  - Treasurer 
  • Eric McCaffery - Asst. Treasurer 
  • Mandy Paglis - VP Promotions 
  • Kyle Herwig - Promotions Asst. 
  • Stephanie Kidd - Newsletter 

NEWSLETTER: We have been talking about sending a yearly newsletter mailing to current POC members as well as alumni. We would like to talk about some of the events that took place this year. Everyone is welcome to submit a possible article. From these, we will determine what will be published in the newsletter. I know we'll probably want a piece recounting POCtober Fest, Spring Break, lock-ins, call-out trips, and any other great trips. Randy mentioned that he would like to help write something about the origin of the club and how it has prospered. If anyone else would like to help w/ this, please contact me. 

GRAND PRIX WEEKEND: We have an opportunity to be awarded a grant if we come up with a sober event for Grand Prix weekend. Let Dave know about any good ideas. Ex. John mentioned last night that we could possibly do a ropes course or use the one in Hort park

CALL OUT: The call out will take place the 3RD WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! This means we need to start flyering NEXT week!!!!! We need LOTS of volunteers for this one! Please let our new VP of Promotions, Mandy know if you would like to help! 

CLIMBING: Trips are going out daily. check the list. 

KAYAKING: Roll sessions start NEXT week!!! 

SNOWACKING: Come out to Slayter TONIGHT 6:30 - 7ish!!!!!

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