POC Newsletter 12/02/08

Our awesome club has two super big events coming up.

1. LOCK-IN!!
This Friday is the lock-in which is held at the climbing gym.
-This event is full, sorry if you didn't get signed up.
- Eighty people signed up so it should be a lot of fun!

Important things to know:
- Meet behind Purdue West in that parking lot at 7pm on Friday 12/5
- Must take the same people in your car there and back (this will avoid problems with people getting stranded)
-There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL.
-doesn't matter if you're 21, still no alcohol
-don't bring it or buy it when you get there.
-DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL to the lock-in.

2. POCAR (Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race)

Thank you to all that have helped to advertise for this event!! So far there are eight teams signed up to race.

Tentatively the end date for sign-ups is Christmas, so get off your lazy bums and register already!!

Other important notes:
There is a climbing competition at Hoosier Heights
-December 13th
-20 dollar entrance fee
-should be stellar
-if climbing is your thing, you should go, and maybe even if it's not.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it. oh, and i'd like to give a shout out to Team Supa Fupa and specifically Hippo.


Kate Hanus
-Kayaking Consultant
-Chief Designer
-temporary newsletter writer
-Supa Fupa team member

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