POC Newsletter 10/21/08

Newsletter time!

First off, RETURN YOUR GEAR from POCtoberfest or otherwise. Return it soon or wewill ENCUMBER you from registering for next semester (if you hold it too long).

If you lost something at POCtoberfest or other recent trips, send an email tothe list asking for it. You may also try leaving a post on the message boards.

Next week is Picture Week! Bring your 10 best pictures from trips in the lastcouple of weeks, especially POCtoberfest. Remember kids- No pictures involving alcohol, drugs, or sexual content please, as fun as those pictures may be. We will be having a special guest mountaineer speaker who will be showing us pictures of his ascent of the Himalayas (sp?)

*** Email all questions, comments, suggestions, and volunteering availability to Tyler tdhall at
-Tyler needs volunteers for advertisement, race coordination, and sponsership acquisition so shoot him an email if your up for it. We are trying to get everything paid for by sponsers so if you have connections to anyone willing,
let us know.
- Start forming teams and figuring out how to train for POCAR- this is a very intense race so you need to be prepared, and its coming soon (Martin Luther King Day weekend in January)

Kayaking Roll Sessions -every Wednesday, 8-930pm and Friday 7-830pm. Come join the kayakers to learn how to roll and kayak and just hang out in the pool and hot tub. good times. No gear or experience necessary besides a swimsuit

Biking- Email Rob Spiewak rspiewak at if you want to go mountain biking. We have two brand new club bikes ready for anyone to use. Murdoc, McCormick, Kickapoo, I don't know they are going to one of these funny sounding places.

Climbing Trips to Climb Time Towers- a climbing gym in Carmel, will be announced soon as they are planned. I (Andy) will probably be going Saturday.

The Climbing Lock-In - is a club-wide event we do once per semester where we rent out the climbing gym and stay overnight, climbing and playing tons of fun climbing and non-climbing type games until the dawn. The lock-in this year will be held at Climb Time Towers, hopefully either December 5th or 6th, right before dead week. This is an amazingly fun time for everyone in the club to hang out together, regardless of whether you climb, so plan on coming.

Oh, and randy and I are going to some metal concert in Lafayette, Friday. email him if you want to go rahart at


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