POC Newsletter 9/16/08

Hey guys! Here's what we talked about at our meeting tonight:

Climbing - beginners trip is heading out to Red River Gorge in Kentucky this weekend. Anyone who can lead has a spot on the trip if you're interested, talk to Andy or Joe. Anyone going on this trip must have climbed with experienced climbers in Climb Time first. There's a group going to Climb Time tomorrow (Wed.) at 5:30, meet at the co-rec!

Backpacking - A group went to the Red this past weekend and had a great time hiking about 12 miles. Make sure to get your gear turned back in so people going on the climbing trip this weekend can use it!

Kayaking - Roll Sessions are Wednesday 8:00-9:30pm and Friday 7:00-8:30pm at the Co-Rec in the diving well.

Mountain Biking - email the list to get more info!

Caving - We've got a few caves lined up for POCtoberfest! Caving callout will be the weekend after POCtoberfest.

POCtoberfest - This is your chance to try all of the sports! Cost is going to be about $10 for camping plus costs of food/gas. It's going to be an awesome time, so think about it.

Anyone interested in doing some roadbiking (non-POC event) email Jenny at jfarney at It won't be a scheduled thing, kind of spur of the moment.

T-shirts - as soon as we get a stable number of new people we'll talk about ordering some! Cost last time was pretty cheap, about $7.50 each. Plus, they're hot.

Health and Safety - if you have any teaching ideas, send them out to Randy or Kaylin.

IMPORTANT: If you want off the mailing list, you have to do it! There's a link at the bottom of the email that will allow you to
remove yourself from the list.

GEAR - If you have gear, get it back to the closet ASAP so other outgoing trips can use it! If you can't do it Tuesdays after the
meetings then email the list to see if one of the gear people (myself, Charles, or Stephanie) can arrange a time to meet with you.

Target Shooting - Chris is going to figure out a weekend to showpeople how to target shoot, and will send out more info later. This is a non-POC event.

K, that's it. Have an awesome weekend!

Reagan Hirschy

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