POC Newsletter 2/26/08

1) Lock-in this Friday! Come join us for some climbing and a whole lot more. (Even the kayakers go!) Pizza at ~ 11 is provided and we will also have rides. We will meet behind the Co-rec at 7:30pm to drive down to Hoosier Heights (in Bloomington).

2) Roll sessions on Wednesday and Friday! Wed: 8-9:30pm and Friday - 7pm-8:30pm in the dive well of the pool. Bring a towel and a swimsuit! Must be able to swim! (Yes, I get asked that every year!) We WILL be having roll session on Friday even though there is a lockin. We will head down afterwards. Only 4 more roll sessions before spring break! If you want to go on our trip you need to get to roll session and show us you can roll!

3) Climbing Today at 3:30pm @ Towers! Contact Jenny @ jfarney at Only 2 spaces left unless someone else drives right?

4) Climbing at 5:30 on Thursday with Andy at Towers. Contact him at avconsta at Spring Break Trips!!!! -------------------------- Climbing in Red Rocks, Nevada! Talk to Joe Kruger if you have any questions or want to go. jlkruege at So far most are flying with one person driving. At this point is probably cheaper to drive. Laurie is backpacking in Georgia. She posted about it earlier today so check it out and please contact her if you want to go. lduncan at Kayakers are going to North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Kentucky. There are many options on this trip and more detailes will hopefully be revealed tonight. Here are the rivers we're thinking of doing:


2) www. <>





These rivers are of all different skill levels and we will run them depending on the level. There will be an option to raft if we run something more advanced. We will talk about needed clothing later tonight in a separate email. This is still cheap and easy to get clothing. --------------------- That's it for the newsletter.

Shalzam, The Prez

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