POC Newsletter 2/20/08

-Roll Session will be Wednesday 8-9:30. Meet at the dive well of the pool in RSC! Beginners welcome! Friday’s session is canceled.
-LOCK-IN is next weekend, Feb. 29th, at Hoosier Heights in Bloomington, IN. If you have not already done so, email Jenny, jfarney at, and let her know that you are coming! And you should be! This is a club wide activity that is always a lot of fun!
-Climbing in Indy- Wednesday 2:30 & 5:30, meet behind the co-rec Thursday 5:30, meet behind the co-rec We car pool down to an indoor climbing gym in Indy. Beginner’s welcome!

Spring Break Trips

Backpacking in Georgia- email Laurie at lduncan at

Climbing at Red Rocks in Nevada- go to the message board to read up on it and post that you are going! f=1&sid=8d25aa0f13631a3d8e81656bb984cef0

Kayaking in North Carolina and Tennessee- Beginner friendly- go to Message Board! (see above link) Ivy

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